Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome Little Blue...

We recently decided that a new RV was in order.  Uh, well, perhaps I should say an additional RV.

We decided that we would like to have a more mobile unit to pull with the Durango.  Our original thought was that this would be perfect to stay in when we went to KS to see our son and visit our doctors.  Having 3 dogs makes options limited.  We do have friends who have full RV hookups at their barn and we always have a great time with them.  We call them Big Daddy and Big Mamma.  This is another story though.

So, we set a price that we wanted to pay and went in search of our "Vacation Home". 

We found a 1970's beauty that had no title and only SOME busted pipes, one that was about 100 miles away that looked good, but needed new tires due to checking and was a bit larger than I thought I wanted to pull with the Durango, and the cute little honey that suggested with was a honeymoon/hunting cabin.  Oh my!!!!  I think the gun rack put that one right up to the top of the list!  There was the one that had the "pretty blue curtains that enhanced the windows"--not a lot of info other than that on that one. 

I spotted this one as I was driving down the highway...

and the NASCAR fan in me went a little nutty--however, I couldn't figure out how to pull it with the Durango--perhaps it could have pulled the Durango???  Well, right team, wrong driver...

Then I called Loveall's in Columbia, MO.  I talked to Dan who told me that they didn't have anything in my price range at the moment, but one was going to be coming in as soon as the owners could get it out of their muddy yard if I had time to wait. 

Sure.  Didn't need it til April probably.

Dan sent pictures of the unit just to wet my appetite.  Actually, he was very nice and kept in touch the whole time.  I was definitely interested!

On March 9 he called to tell me that the camper would be in the next day.  Thursday is the day that dad and I deliver Meals On Wheels, to I told him we could be there after 2:00.  Dan said he would hold it for me and once I saw it, I bought it.  Dad and I had a great time looking at the camper I bought and at some big toy haulers they have in the lot.

There were a couple of things that needed to be done to the camper and I was able to pick it up on Friday, March 18.  My hubby, who had been working in Dallas, was working from home and able to go with me to see what I bought as was my brother Tom.  ;-)  He really liked the camper and after working from home for a few days, we decided that not only would the camper be a good vacation home, it would be a good office for him to work in!

The people at Loveall's are just GREAT!  From Dan Oswald who sold it to us to the business office to the technicians--they ALL show pride in workmanship and are there to help in ANY way possible. 

This is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of the AWFUL experience I had with Camping World in Strafford, MO when I purchased the 5th wheel.  If you want to know how terrible Camping World is, just go here to read my story of THAT!  Phhhttttt!!!  Still makes me hissssssss...

Back to Loveall's who are GREAT!!!!  The Loveall's tech went over the whole camper with us bumper to bumper on the outside and then all the way through the coach--making sure that all questions were answered and not trying to hurry us along or anything!

Then, they went over how to hitch the camper properly with the weight distribution hitch and the sway bar and we were off!

I would truly recommend Loveall's to ANYONE!!!!  Go see Dan and tell him I sent you!!!  Then, take it to Kan-Do Kampground for a nice vacation!  (Unapologetic commercial here!!!!)

Originally, I was going to drive it to KS in April and leave it there, but when we decided it would be a good office and then decided that it would be a great guest house too, we spoke with the owners of Kan-Do Kampground who said we could park it on the same site with our 5th wheel. 

This is the site and I figured it would fit inside of the fence just fine if I changed some of my "stuff" around.  I measured and moved the burn ring and picnic table.  I measured between the tree and the satellite dish to see if I could drive between them--Durango is 7 feet wide, 8 1/2 feet between the tree and satellite dish--okay.

I have dubbed the new camper "Little Blue".  Why?   It just came to me.  It is much smaller than the big guy there and has blue on the interior, so Little Blue it is!

So, meet Little Blue...

He's a 24 ft Rockwood and he fit perfectly into the yard...see the fence surrounding it?

This is how it looks when you enter

He has a queen bed in the front

The bed raises up on hydraulic jacks to provide a lot of storage

There is a kitchen in the middle with a nice two door refrigerator and a pantry
There is a 3 burner stove
and a double sink

along with a microwave and drawers and cabinets that have solid wood fronts--nice in a smaller camper!
Across from the kitchen is the dining area

The table goes down and it turns into a double bed (if the two people are smallish).  This would be hubby's desk as well.

There is a bath in the back with a sink

and a closet with a hanging rod for clothes to the left of the sink
Of course there is a potty

and a shower with a little tub

One of hubby's favorite things is the stereo with cassette and CD which has speakers throughout the coach

Everytime he goes into the camper, he turns the stereo on--just for fun!  

Tango, Frank and Tank gave it two paws up

My fellow campers who are just popping back out to their campers were sure surprised to see TWO campers this year!  It sure started some speculation and conversation.  Several came over for the grand tour and to chat.

Some gave us nicknames like Garrett Corner, Garrett Compound, The Compound--who knows what else.

We call it Garrett Square and Home...


  1. congratulations! Looks like a really nice camper. At first I thought it was that huge racing one in your first pic! I thought you really went all out on that one! But I'm glad this worked out for you! Hugs to you all and grandma and grandpa for us! Love, Julie

  2. Looks great and it sounds like you got the perfect deal. A little bit of blue paint on the outside and a couple of #24 stickers and you can have your own Nascar trailer:)

  3. Those nice folks at the kampground sure are accomodating! They must like you....

  4. Rae--I think we will enjoy it. Our driver is #88, the teammate of #24, but you are right! We should put some stickers on it! LOL

    Julie--Just talked with grandma and grandpa and gave them your love. How are you feeling?

    Kathy--Yep, I just LOVE the kampground and owners! I sure hope they like me! LOL