Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Don’t Sign Another Mobile Phone Contract

As some of you know, Gman and I coordinate Financial Peace University classes by Dave Ramsey.   Years ago I found Mary Hunt who is similar and has many great ideas for saving money while getting out of debt.  Here is one...

Don’t Sign Another Mobile Phone Contract
Don’t Sign Another Mobile Phone Contract



Heated competition in the mobile communications industry is creating lots of options for consumers. There’s no reason you should ever have to sign up for another 24-month contract that keeps you stuck in a pricey calling plan. Check out these cheap no-contract alternatives.

Peek. This is an ideal option especially for kids and teens, who are more into texting and emailing than actually talking on the phone. Peek devices look a lot like a Blackberry, but without phone capability. They send and receive email and text messages anywhere in the U.S, no WiFi necessary. The device itself costs about $70. After that, you pay a flat monthly rate of unlimited email and texting for as little as $15 a month. There are no contracts, no hidden fees. One thing Peek does not offer is the ability to transfer your current phone number. Learn more at www.GetPeek.com.

Kajeet. Here’s a company that caters to kids who want to stay connected by offering cheap service and award-winning parental controls. Kajeet will transfer your current numbers and offers a full range of kid-friendly phones that start at around $24 for a refurbished unit. Monthly service requires no contracts and starts as low as $14.99 for unlimited texting and 60 minutes of talk. Check out the cool phones and learn more at www.Kajeet.com.

Net10. A perfect option for light cell phone users, there are no roaming charges, no hidden fees, no long distance charges or monthly bills. You pay a flat rate of 10 cents per minute, up front. Their Easy Minute monthly plans start at $15 for 200 Easy Minutes for your choice of talk, text/pictures messaging, web/email and calls to 411. You can cancel anytime without cancellation fees. Net10 phones start at $29, and are available at Walmart stores or online from Net10. Learn more at www.Net10.com.

Common Cents Mobile. Here’s a service that offers a pay-as-you-go mobile plan, as low as 7 cents per minute or per text message. Monthly plans start as low as $20 a month with no contracts or hidden fees and no credit checks, roaming or long distance charges, either. Bonus: This plan rounds minutes down, not up. If you talk for 2.8 minutes, that call is charged as only 2 minutes, not 3 minutes, the way other services round up. Buying more airtime is simple, too. Learn more at www.CommonCentsMobile.com.

Cricket Communications. Here’s a nationwide service with high-quality coverage that does not require contracts and does not hide fees. Calling plans start as low as $35. You can get unlimited talk, text and web starting at just $45 a month. Learn more at www.MyCricket.com.

You’ve got even more options with companies such as MetroPCS, Straight Talk, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Want even more? Do a Google search for “No-contract phones,” “Pay as you go mobile” or “Prepaid cell phones.” You’ll be amazed how many options you have. Just make sure you read the fine print, research thoroughly, and then go for it!

As for the money you won’t be spending on phone service in the months ahead, determine right now that you’ll divert it straight to savings. Now you’ll really enjoy the decision.

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