Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday's Things In A Row...Spring Flowers

I am joining Pat at A View From The Edge for Thursday's Things In A Row.

Today, I went to visit my brother Tom and his wife, Nina's, gardens to see what is blooming...

So, with that, here we go...

 Look at all of the little green things in the leaves--those are tulips and Syberian Iris!  Can you imagine what they will look like shortly????

 Even this little one's skirt is a row of leaves...
Hope you enjoyed the little sneak peek of the gardens and today's Things In A Row. 
For more Things In A Row, visit Pat's site...and don't miss her header--what a wonderful shot!


  1. Beautiful! I missed rows this week.

  2. Looks like spring has sprung rows! Nothing blooming here yet!

  3. I love the new growth, daffodils, and crocuses. Being in AZ through the winter into Spring makes me forget about the different seasons; we have flowers all the time. I forgot the joy of seeing those first flowers shooting up through the ground.

  4. Nice garden find. I am glad that your brother and SIL have fairies in their garden. Since being in the U.K. several times now I have come to like those garden fairies.

  5. Delightful photos of the flowers and the fairies! Looks like Spring is arriving in your part of the world.

    Please feel free to join my Floral Friday Fotos meme, which opens on Thursdays (Australian time) and remains open until the next Wednesday:

  6. So nice to see the beginnings of Spring. That garden must be really pretty when it is is full bloom.

  7. spring is coming!! I love to see color again.
    happy weekend!

  8. These look lovely. I am hosting a Giveaway to celebrate my blog's third birthday. Would love for you to drop by. hugs Anu