Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Grand Tour...

Okay, so many of you have wondered what our new home looks like. Well here is the tour:
The outside of our 1997 Kountry Aire. It was in Florida and was the main residence of the people from whom we purchased it, so the outside is weathered. It is 40 ft with two slides which you can see in the second picture.:
This is the infamous sectional in the back of the RV. Tank LOVES it. It is also the guest bed--the right hand side folds out into a cozy bed. The cabinets above are the library, my scrapbooking, genealogy info and last but not least, the office! It is truly amazing what those little guys will hold! It also came with a recliner which is to the right of the sectional in the back part of the slide out. We have replaced this recliner with one of our leather recliners from home and the end table has been replaced with a wooden chest which holds my scrapbooks and genealogy books. It also has our printer on the top.
Next to the recliner, in the front of the slide, is the dining table and chairs. This also doubles as my craft table, desk and scrapbooking area. It is also right next to the kitchen--which makes sense.

When sitting on the sectional, recliner and the kitchen table, you can see the entertainment center with 32" TV, stereo that is wired throughout the coach and cassette player (yep, no CD player--Darn!). I placed my two little file cabinet/end tables that were in my office. I needed the end table and I needed file space, and these fit the bill perfectly. The end table on the other end of the sectional is a cabinet that James made in shop during high school. It keeps him close each day! I love having it close. You notice that the entertainment center faces the rear of the coach and is behind the cabinets and fridge which makes it perfect when one person is in the bedroom in the front and the other is watching TV in the rear. It is one of the reasons I chose this unit.

Moving on toward the front of the coach is the kitchen. This area has an oak floor and oak cabinets.

The first cabinet behind the TV is a coat closet. This was a custom built in by the original owners. We have coats in the rack, dog food and cat food in the bottom on the floor as well as a step ladder and above is storage. It's a great space!

Next to the coat closet is the pantry with slide out shelves. There is a nice space below and a cabinet above. The cabinet above is mostly empty right now. I am sure I will find something to fill it! The space below has tins that hold food. Tins are just perfect in the camper. They do not break, but do a great job of keeping moisture and bugs out of the contents. I'm so glad I kept some of my tins! The fridge is really great for a RV. It is a side by side with ice maker and wooden doors. It works on either electric or gas. Above it is two cabinets which right now hold my cookbooks and the books for the camper along with some of my million or so candles! You guys know me--even though I sold and gave away a LOT of candles (giant understatement huh Cheryl?) I still have a huge amount which are stashed around the camper in small areas and this is one of those areas. Now that fall is here, I have really enjoyed the candles. They add a warmth and scent that is hard to duplicate otherwise. Below the fridge is a long drawer that holds my lighter items like plasticware, tools for the grill, Jr. Nation insulated holder, plastic tablecloth, etc. It would seem like the perfect place to put pots and pans, but I felt it might be too much weight for the size of the drawer. I would love to have a few more of these! :) The outside door is next to the fridge. Across from the fridge is the stove and microwave/convection oven. Below the stove are two drawers which hold my pots and pans and a third area that holds one of the two furnaces. Above the microwave is a cabinet that holds my coffee--this is a very important cabinet as you know! :) The little drawers next to the stove hold my candle lighters (also used to light the stove), my kitchen gadgets, my foil and dish towels. The sink is in the corner. It has one of those little door/drawer niches to put your sponge and small sink stuff. Under the sink is a nice amount of storage and the water filter for the drinking water. Above the sink in the corner is a large lazy susan which makes that area much more useable. Great for spices and snacks! Then, there is the cabinet on the bottom next to the sink. It has 3 roll out shelves. This has my large stock pot, toaster, mixer, hot pads and eating utensils. Above this are 3 more cabinets which hide my breadmaker (and I am thinking it is about time to break this out if the weather continues this way!), crockpot and tins that hold food like pasta to keep them fresh. This kitchen really holds a lot of stuff! Much more than I would have ever guessed! The countertops are solid surface corian. After we purchased the RV, I found a Danby dishwasher through Wal-Mart online (had it shipped site to store) that is only 18" wide and fits next to the stove perfectly. When it is full, we roll it over to the sink, hook it up and run the load. It really does work well. It holds place settings for 8--or so it states. The top rack moves up and down to accommodate pots, pans, tall glasses or tall pans, etc. It even has a stainless steel interior! I checked it out online and it got really good reviews. So far, so good!

Next to the cabinets are the stairs and hall that lead to the closet that holds the washer/dryer. I don't have a pic of that at this time, but it has two doors that open to show the whole interior which was previously a coat closet. Since we got the euro model Splendide into which you place the clothes which are then washed and dried in the same unit, there is not as much space to hang things, but short coats would fit. Right now I just hang my plastic bags and extra hangars.

Through the door to the left is the bath. It has ceramic tile which I found out last weekend really wakes you up on those chilly mornings when your bare feet hit it! Yeowwwwww!

The toilet in this unit is porcelain rather than plastic. I am not sure why that was important to me, but I like it! The shower is a corner unit and has a great shower head! I really expected not much, but I do like it! The sink has a corian countertop with integrated sink whcih makes it easy to clean. It also has 3 drawers and a door to hold the towels and makeup.

Above the sink area is the medicine cabinet. There are three doors there that hold everything! Again, I am surprised by the amount of space!

Open to the bath is the master bedroom. There is a door that slides across if privacy is needed. The master bedroom is in the gooseneck of the unit. It has a queen size bed. We removed the mattress and replaced it with our select comfort mattress. I like a king bed, but this unit didn't have it, so one makes choices. The select comfort mattress is really great though! The bed lifts up so that you can stow the blankets under it. Behind the mirrors is the clothes closet. It is tall enough for our clothes and has two shelves under it for shoes and other storage.

Next to the closet is the TV cabinet. The shelf comes out so that you can view it from the bed. Above the TV is a cabinet that I found is great for Sheets and pillow cases. Below is a drawer. Across from the bed is the dresser. There are twelve drawers for socks, t-shirts, etc. and plenty of space on top for normal dresser stuff. You can see the his and hers mirrors, but what is really neat--there is a mirror that slides across the window for complete blackout for those mornings that you just want to sleep! How cool is that?!!!

So, I hope that you have enjoyed the tour of our new home. Of course, it doesn't look quite like this anymore. Some of the decor has been changed and more decor has been added. We are truly making it our own and it is feeling cozier all the time!

Come and see us--if you can find us! :) It's late and rainy, so I am heading to my nice cozy bed!

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