Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Moment of Insanity

It all started when my husband got the information that his contract was changing. He is a computer programmer analyst who does consulting throughout the country. He has been doing this for a decade and a half and it has worked out well. For the last two years, he has had the most wonderful contract for a great company on the east coast. He was able to work from home 3 weeks per month and then be on site for one week. For a contractor, this is heaven and doesn't come along nearly as often as one could hope. So, the company decided that they preferred to have their contractors onsite. Hubby didn't really enjoy the thought of flying back and forth each week again and was totally, totally against not coming home each weekend. We discussed it and the idea of living in an RV was just randomly thrown out. Not something to be seriously considered... Hah! The next thing I knew, I was shopping for an RV!!!! Now, we sold our 3,800 sq ft home in 2005 and downsized to a 1,000 sq ft home that we inherited. It was very tight--of course, we didn't get rid of anything--we just squished it into the house and garage and a rented storage unit... Since I was a realtor, I came across a home that was just marvelous. Each time I showed the house, I liked it more, so we bought the 2,000 sq ft brick ranch in Dec. 2007 and proceeded to renovate it--slowly, but surely. I decided that we would definitely fit into this house or items would be sold, given to charity or tossed. So, here we were, thinking about living in an RV!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING?!!!! What an insane idea!!!! So, how does one pick out an RV? Hmmm...

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  1. very interesting. hope you get a chance to spend more time in the city and enjoy many more places.
    Love DAD