Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quilts...Thursday's Things In A Row...

Joining Pat a A View From The Edge for Thursday's Things in A Row...

My Mom's Floor...

No, I didn't just bring this to the party.

Last October, our cousins from PA came to visit my parents.
  This is Carl, My Mom, Hilda and My Dad.

Hilda likes to quilt and always has one with her.  She quilts by hand.  I don't know many people who actually sew the quilt together and quilt it all by hand anymore, but she loves it.

As she was sitting in mom and dad's house quilting, she kept looking at the floor and said that the floor just looked like a quilt block.  Here take a closer look...
So, Carl got down on the floor and made a copy of the square on the floor and then at Christmas these came in the mail...
A row of mom's floor!  Isn't it pretty????
And there was this row for spring...

And this one for summer...

And this one for Autumn...

Cool huh?  Which one is your favorite????

Thanks for stopping by for Thursday's Things In A Row.   Now head over to Pat's for more rows...


  1. Wow! You really CAN find things in a row everywhere. I like them all, but I think the summer's the best.

  2. Wow! I am REALLY impressed! She was able to make a quilt block just from seeing the tiled floor? Now THAT is talent right there! All of them are so beautiful! I love all of them! Blue IS my favorite color, but the other ones are so nice too!

  3. That is very impressive, she just looked at the tile and created those gorgeous quilt squares. I love it in every season. You have some great things in a row!

  4. My favorite one is the spring colored one. Very nice!

  5. i like most the blue and the next one with roses! ☺

  6. Great rows! I love anything quilted! I think they are all so pretty!

  7. Thanks for the two comments left recently at my blog. You said you can't wait to see the powder room reveal. For some reason you are commenting on older posts and the powder room was revealed a few days ago.


  8. I am very taken with the Spring quilts. 'Just happens to match the colors in the Master Bedroom. 'Just sayin'....

    I adore your cousins all in a row, sweet picture!!!

    How cool is it that your Mama's floor designed got quilted. I think it's great!

    God bless ya and have yourself an extraordinary day sweetie!!!

  9. I love your quilt rows! That blue is so pretty! Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog! It truly made my day!

  10. Thank you to everyone and your wonderful comments! We sure have some great talent in the family! :)

    Thank you for dropping in!

    Nezzy--if the spring runner disappears, we will know where to look--just sayin' LOL