Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Hump Day #4...Getting Ready for July 4th...

Today I just wanted to share a few things that I did last night in anticipation of July 4th.

Gman will be home Thursday through Sunday for the holiday.

There are not that many activities around the park during this time.  It is known as purgatory for a reason, folks!  Hot hot HOT!!!!!  Humidity has been around 50-60%.  Come fall and winter and spring which we are told are lovely down here more outdoor activities take place.

As for us, we KNOW we are hiding in the a/c or the pool during the summer!   :)

We anticipate swimming a lot since it will be in the 90's to 100's.  Boy do we LOVE that pool!  :)  It's a great place to meet the neighbors as well.

It is so hot and dry here right now that there are no fireworks permitted in the RV park.  It is just too dangerous.  If you have ever witnessed an RV or mobile home burn, you know it is a real problem given how closely we are all parked.

We are told that there is a large fireworks display put on at the Hyatt Regency across the highway that can be viewed from the front of the RV Park, so we are going to join the others in the front of the park for a night of fireworks.

Gman is planning to hit the links on Saturday morning, and I am going with a friend to the farmer's market hoping to find some corn on the cob and lovely tomatoes.  Gman's fav meal in the summer is corn on the cob, tomatoes and cottage cheese.  Then, my friend and I are planning to head to her friend's shop which sells rocks and such.

In getting ready for the holiday, here are my nails for this week...

It's hard to see in the pictures, but I started with blue and then used red lava glitter on the tips with a band of silver tape and finished off with hologram star stickers all of which really sparkle in the sunlight.  I topped off with a few coats of clear topcoat which makes everything pop beautifully.

This morning it was lovely in the low 70's with nice sunshine so I took the opportunity to kick back and enjoy my toes!  :)

My toes have blue on the big toes with hologram star stickers.  The other toes were white with red crackle over the top to give the red and white stripes.  I topped everything off with a hologram topcoat which really sparkles in the sunshine.

Do you have plans for tomorrow?


  1. Cute nails. Wish I could grow mine long enough to paint them like that.

    1. Thanks! Mine started growing well when I was told to take Biotin for another reason. You can find Biotin at Wal-Mart with the vitamins.

  2. In the summer I don't have enough fingernails to paint. I stay busy breaking them off.

    I love your nails.

    Have a wonderful holiday.