Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nails--Lemonade & Watermelon...

The weather has be HOT here! 

Yes, we are in that box of intense heat that you see on the nationwide weather.  Heat indices are around 105-110 and they have been for more than 10 days!!!!  Give me a BREAK!!!!!

So, after the 4th of July nails, I decided to go with something for HOT HOT HOT weather on my fingernails and here they are.  I call them Lemonade & Watermelon:

What do you think????


  1. Wow!

    Did you glue the watermelons on, or paint them yourself?

  2. They are glued on. I found them at Sally's Beauty Supply. I put the first clear top coat on and then added the little watermeons. Then I added two more clear top coats so they are level and not bumpy. I have all kinds of stickers and stuff for my nails. They are my real nails so it is easy to do myself.

  3. Cute cute cute. They really make a statement.