Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jolly Old Elf--For Kim...

This is for Kim over at Cheap Chic Home.  She has a Possible Dreams Santa that she picked up but he is a little rough.

 I found what he should look like...

This is an interesting one--I like the star, but I am not sure the hands are right.

This one lends itself to the way the hands are on Kim's...

This one would be easy to do with Kim's Santa--but does he look a little unhappy to be carrying that tree?

And then I saw this one and when it was small, I thought that was a bottle of Coke and I thought Aha! Wouldn't it be neat to fix him up like a Coca-Cola Santa?????  Put a bottle of Coke in his upper hand and maybe carrying the Coca-Cola polar bear in is right hand?  That could be REALLY FUN!!!!

If you guys have ideas, hop on over to Kim's and let her know!

Oh and be sure to catch her new reindeer!!!!  :)


  1. Oh, you're so funny and so smart! I did a Google search for it, I didn't turn up the right fireman. I really like the one with the bells. Oh, it's so hard to pick a favorite--the shopping bag is danged cute! Hugs, Kim

  2. I'm glad you got some ideas. :)