Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Halloween...2011

Yes I know!  It has been a while.  

Well, it has been busy, but I have a minute so I wanted to share our Halloween with you.

We moved the camper closer to my parents.  The forecast is for a worse winter than last year here, so I wanted to be closer--just in case.  And as usual, there is a story with THAT!  But that is for another post!  LOL

So, we weren't at the campground for the Halloween fun there.

Halloween is the one day that I get to take my makeup OFF!  hehehehe...

I found this shirt and earrings at Cracker Barrel a couple of years ago after Halloween and wore it last year.  That is about 2 cans of extra hold hairspray up there along with glow in the dark glitter on the hair!  It was really something!

This year I found a very ladylike hat to add to the fun.  I think a hat just adds that little something to any occasion--don't you?  :)

Oh and how about those glittery jewels by the eyebrows!  

I found this guy hanging around too.  I guess he wanted his mullet back!

The dogs were enjoying the fright too...

Me and Tank...Is he CUTE or what???

Check out my right cheek--to YOUR left there...A little friend caught a ride...

Gman and two of the pugs, Frank and Shadow...

We took a picture of me with our other pug, Tango, but he was really blurry...I think we broke the camera...

And, of course, I did my nails for the occasion...

I put white on first, then a bright orange, then Sally Hansen's black crackle polish.  I topped it all off with a hologram topcoat for sparkle!  How fun is that???

Oh and did you catch the little spider below my thumb?  Even he is blinged out for Halloween...

Since November is my birthday, I wore my birthday ring, but added a couple of little "blings" to might have to enlarge the picture to see them...

We headed out early to find sustenance and went trick or treating on the way.  We stopped at my mom and dad's house and scored some mini oreos and a peanut squared candy!  Wow!  Yum...

Then we headed next door to my brother and sister in law's house where we came upon them AND their daughter and son in law.  They bought the same candy we did, so we decided to let them keep their candy.

We ended up driving through McDonald's (okay--town of 200 people--had to drive 5 miles to the McDonald's--16 miles for anything else...k?) and headed home with our supper and goodies to wait for the little ghosts and goblins...

We had about 10-12 little trick or treaters--about average for this town of 200 people--and had a wonderful time viewing their costumes.  One of the little ghouls was deaf and surprised me with sign language which I actually could understand and reply to in sign language.  I haven't used sign in more than a decade--and at that time I wasn't proficient...The little ghoul was a little surprised that I could answer I think...did you know that sign language is the same in every language?  So, if you want to know where the restroom is in a foreign country, find a person who can sign and you can find one!  ;-)  Cool huh?

I digress...

We had a lot of candy left, so I am sending it to work with my nephew in law.  He works at a hospital in the lab and they enjoy a bit of sugar now and then...

Hope you had a great Halloween with many treats!  :)


  1. Loved your pictures - We had about 500 treaters.. mostly because our neighbor puts on a haunted house in his front yard... fun - I'm a November baby too - Happy Birthday!
    I've Become My Mother
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  3. That hat looks like a perfect hat to wear to the Kentucky Derby! Not that I've ever gone! And your nails look great! I have terrible nails. Your husband is a stitch!

  4. I think I saw Gman in Wal-Mart last week :-)

  5. You need a job or need to move to a larger town. I see this finds the 2 of you in good spirits????!!! Jim (Gman)you have to be related to the Garretts. Miss all of them. Afraid to tell you to take care, no telling what might happen. Love ya, Guys. Love the hat.

  6. You need a job or need to move to a larger town. I see this finds the 2 of you in good spirits????!!! Jim (Gman)you have to be related to the Garretts. Miss all of them. Afraid to tell you to take care, no telling what might happen. Love ya, Guys. Love the hat.

  7. I loved the costumes and the pictures. It sounds like you had a great time. I wish we only had 12 trick or treaters. We have nearly as many of them as the population of your town. Easily 150 and it grows every year. We have to close the doors and turn out the lights early - can't afford to buy that much candy. I love the seeing the little kiddies though. They are so cute dressed up.

  8. Good to hear from you Dixie. Hope you all are doing well. Still hope to get down your way some time. Love you guys too.
    Jim (Gman)

  9. Kelly--Wow! 500 trick or treaters! That's 2 1/2 times the population of this whole town! I bet the neighbor's yard is fun though! Happy Birthday to you too!


    Pat--I think the pointy top of the hat would give me away at the Derby. ;-D Thanks on the nails and gman can really surprise me still! :) Hey, the nails started growing after I had surgery and was told to take Biotin. My nails started growing (they had not grown since I had my son 20+ years ago!) and my elbows are soft as a baby's butt! Hair is better too! You can get Biotin at Wal-Mart in supplements. I am so jealous--you are where it is warm by now! Ahhhhh...


    Kathy G--hehe


    Dixie--Gman does kind of remind you of the Garrett's doesn't he???? How is the south? Oh go ahead and tell us to take care. What the heck??? Thanks on the hat! Love ya! Wish we could get together sometime!


    Rae--I love seeing all the kids in their costumes too! So cute!