Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Victims...Uh, Pumpkins...

This is my row of pumpkins...

I was headed into the post office for my mail last week and there was a box truck full of pumpkins with the sign "Free"...

So, I chose a few victims, uh, Pumpkins to come home with me.

No, Halloween is over--not for Jack o Lanterns...

Stay tuned...Bwahahahahaha...

For more things in a row, visit Pat at A View From The Edge--she started the whole Things In A Row Thing!


  1. Well....pumpkin pie of course!??!!

  2. Close dr momi! Very CLOSE!!! :)

  3. Pumpkin seeds? I'm a fan of those, too!

    BTW, those privacy fences you saw in my photos are only on the more expensive pull-thru sites.....those are $100 more a month and come with a built in gas grill. Probably worth it since we are packed in here like sardines! But the park is great and full of wonderful people and lots of activities!

  4. Pumpkin pie sounds awfully good!

  5. Pat--I haven't tried the seeds. I saw how to roast them and they do sound good. Might try some. I am thinking the privacy fences with the gas grills ARE worth the extra for the, well, privacy! LOL I do love reading about all of the activities at your park.


    Rae--I thought I might try a layered pumpkin pie with the pumpkin butter and a cream cheese layer like the ones at Bob Evans...

  6. Thanks for stopping in for a visit - that pumpkin pie sure sounds hmmmm good! I am off to read more of your blog!

  7. Hi Country Girl! Thanks for stopping in! Enjoy the blog! :)