Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Truth Will Be Known...

There is a local TV station that allows viewers to choose the story for the evening through their facebook page.

Last week one of the choices was the anticipated winter weather--and it won!

So, they did the story.

One meteorologist says that since we are still under the effects of La Nina, we will have another winter of heavy snow.  In fact, he is saying that it will be worse than last year! 

Oh Rats!

Last year was the worst year in years!!!  And, it sucked!!!!

The second meteorologist said that while we are still feeling the effects of La Nina, the jet stream will be north most of the winter and so we will not see a lot of snow from the system down here.

I like him better!

The third meteorologist said that la Nina has weakened and the effects of the weakened systems along with the jet stream means that we will have a mild winter.

I like him BEST!!!!

So then, I am told the Farmer's Almanac is predicting a terrible winter. 


A few weeks ago, Kathy was playing Tom Sawyer and somehow another guy and myself found ourselves helping her gather the recycleables from around the trash area and then cleaning up the trash area.

We pulled out a barrel and what did I see?



Just in case you are not familiar with our little insect weather predictors, the picture at the left tells the story.

All Black--Harsh!

So now, I am interested to see what the plant world has to say.

Last year one of the guys staying at the campground took a persimon and cut the seed open and said he found a fork!!!!  OH YEAH!!!!!  This is mild...

However, all the local news stations said the Persimmon predictor said Spoon--which is snow....

Thank goodness none of them found a knife--which is ICE!!!!

It seemed that the persimmons were correct last year because we got SNOW, SNOW, SNOW clear through April!  Man!

So, I wait with bated breath to see what the persimmons have to say this year.

Has anyone heard yet?

And as always happens in life, the truth will come out in the end...

(Please be a fork, please be a fork, PLEASE BE A FORK!!!!)


  1. :-) loved this. Now I have to see what the wooly caterpillars are saying here. No persimmons here LOL.

  2. Ah...you and your bated breath! Last year, I saw a ton of black wooly caterpillars crawling across the roads. I even saw them during summer vacation. This year I have not seen any caterpillars yet. Just the walking sticks.

  3. I've never heard about the persimmons before. How interesting!

  4. No persimmons here but I keep hearing people taking about all the acorns on the oak trees. It does get confusing. I hope the ones who say we'll have a mild winter are right but I guess we'll wait and see .... and maybe stock up on firewood.

  5. Dr Momi--Do keep me posted on your caterpillars...


    Hillbilly Mom--Would you prefer ABATED breath perhaps? Do walking sticks have any weather predictions?


    Kathy G--It truly IS a crap shoot! One never knows...


    Pat--Isn't it interesting? I had never heard of the persimmon thing until last year and then it was all over the news on every station...cool how we find new things all the time! :)


    SquirrelQueen--I'm with you--prepare for the worst and hope for the best! PS--I never heard about acorns--what is that one?

  6. In Michigan we have been seeing the woolly caterpillar with large brown centers and small black ends, which means mild. I hope so.

  7. what if the caterpillars are all brown?