Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday's Things In A Row...Penny Smashing...

Welcome to Thursday's Things In A Row started by Pat at A View From the Edge.

As you just read in my last Vacation blog, I love to smash pennies!  So, for today's row I give you...

Smashed Pennies from our trip to Branson!!!!

From left to right, Showboat Branson Belle, Log Cabin at Silver Dollar City, Marvel Cave at Silver Dollar City and Silver Dollar City

Thanks for dropping by and for more rows, check out Pat's blog at A View From The Edge...but BEWARE...
Once you start looking at the rows, you will see rows EVERYWHERE you go and be HOOKED!!!!!  Bwaaaahhahahahah...


  1. Hey - those are SO cool! I love them!

  2. Thanks Pat! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks to your posts, I AM seeing things in a row!

  4. Kathy G--Bwaaahahahaha--welcome to the row side--started by Pat up there! :) Fun isn't it???

  5. We use to do the penny smashing when on trips with our kids! I actually came across a few a month or so back! Perfect row shot!

  6. Oh wow! That is a really cool things in a row. You're making me want to smash a few.

  7. How did I miss this???

    I am an avid penny smasher, too.

    Great rows!

  8. DesertHen--Really? Isn't that great? Where are the pennies you found from?


    SquirrelQueen--After showing them to my neighbor He told me that he knows where I can get them smashed for free as he pointed to the train tracks! I did that as a kid too--don't tell mom! Yikes. LOL


    Gail--Isn't it fun to watch them go through the machine? And when you find the older ones, you get to crank the handle to smash them. :)