Monday, October 3, 2011

So THIS Is Why People Take Vacation...Part3...

We headed to the train for a ride. As I remember, the train used to go all the way around the park. I could be confusing it with the train at the St. Louis Zoo. It HAS been 31 years...

At any rate, we were held up by robbers...

And it turned out that their Ma was sitting right in front of us!!!! LOL

The conductor asked if she would claim them. She and her husband looked at each other and he said, "They can't be worse than the ones you got!" and they both said YES--they would claim them. This confused the poor conductor. LOL

This was Pottsville population 4, uh 3--the dog died!

And the still...I was thinking of NASCAR as moonshiners were the roots of NASCAR racing. And now, couldn't we ALL use a still to make shine to run our cars????

We saw this group--with grandpa taking a shower--Don't look Ethel!!!!

When we got off the train we were taken here.  Do I look angry????  It was hard to make that face when everyone was laughing!  LOL

After our time in the stocks, we were measured for our caskets. 

I had the same picture taken on our honeymoon (can't find the picture right now--but I WILL!) and I take up a LOT more space in the casket NOW!  Yikes!

Gman had to get measured too...

We came across this granite ball fountain.  The ball weighs over 5,000 lbs and floats and turns on water being pumped up from the bottom at 17 psi.  Can you believe it only takes 17 psi to float that ball???? 

The man from SDC who was telling us about it also said that they can't just turn off the water because it would break the ball.  They have to SSSSLLLLOOOOWWWWWLLLLYYYY decrease the water pressure to allow the ball to float down softly.  Can you imagine????

This artist was doing chalk drawings on the roadway. 

This is one that she already finished.

Gman wondered how in the world she could stay down there so long and still walk.  Me too!!!!

On down the road we found this...

Did you guess that it is a giant SAND sculpture???

Let's look some more...

See the fish right off the dock of the door?  There is a bucket, shovel and spray bottle in the bottom right corner of the picture.  This is the part that the artist was working on at this time.

Can you BELIEVE the incredible details????  In SAND?????  Wow!

Look at these jack o lanterns!  I also love the way that they painted some of the pumpkins in bright green and black around the area.  Cute idea!

I kept seeing this and wondered what in the world...

NOW it is clear!  A GIANT cornucopia!  Look at the pumpkins!!!!  Wow!

And did you know????  THAT is a BIG pumpkin!

How about these pumpkins?  This is a little grouping of many different kinds of pumpkins...look at the bumpy beige ones!!!!  I think they could use some Oxy 10!

These guys really make me look forward to the show Punkin Chunkin...What fun!

As we were ready to leave we saw this...

The guy is turning the wheel which powers this...

A Wheel Lathe!!!!

I don't know about you, but I want to do the lathe part and not the wheel part!  Whew!!!! 

So, after a wonderful day at SDC, we headed out to find some dinner...

Before leaving that morning we asked Rob, the local guy at the condo about a good place to eat.  We were told about a Bar & Grill named Just 1 More in Indian Point just around the corner from the condo with excellent burgers and homemade pizza, so we headed there.

YUMMMMM...  He was NOT wrong!!!!  It was totally the perfect way to end the day...

And I am not nust saying that because this is the cook!  :)  He is just the nicest guy--all 6'7"!

What a great day full of fun and great people!


  1. Hey thanks for the tour! Those chalk drawings were beautiful and those sand sculptures unbelievable!

  2. It was truly amazing to see that sand! What are they using? Glue???

    The chalk drawings were great. Seemed sad that the rains will come and wash them away!