Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Got Wood?

I came home today and the neighbors came over.  The whole family.  They are really good people and would do anything to help.

The nine year old son asked if I needed help carrying my groceries in and they all came in to chat. 
Then, Charlie, the dad, pulled out a wooden sign from behind his back...

I mean, is that GREAT or WHAT????  He made it himself with his knife from a piece of firewood.  He likes to whittle and we were the beneficiaries this time!  :)

When you feel it, it is so smooth and soft!  I can't believe he did that all with just a knife!!!!

Funny, because when we were in Silver Dollar City I wanted to get a similar sign and Gman said I had spent enough.  ha!  Last laugh is on him!!!!

I already found a place to hang it too!  Down came the garden flag and up went my new name tag right above my cowboy boots with the sunflowers!

Isn't it GREAT????


  1. How sweet is that? So you "got wood", in a completely different way!

  2. How nice....great neighbors are a blessing!

  3. Pat--Yes it IS sweet! What good neighbors! and yep--a very different way! LOL


    dr momi--yes they ARE!

  4. Well, it appears that, much like my son, you are a wood fondler!

  5. Val--At least a wood admirer! :)

  6. How awesome is that? I don't know what is cooler - the sign, or the fact that you have neighbors like that!

  7. MamaTea--Exactly! Isn't it great?