Friday, October 14, 2011

Changes...And Help Needed...

I gave you a little sneak peek here...

Now, let me show you why it looked like a scene from Hoarders...

This is what the slide looked like before I started.  Yeah, I know!  It kinda looks like a scene from Hoarders right there.

Note that you can see the carpet under the chair at my desk.  It is seafoam green.  I am not saying that is BAD--but with 4 dogs and us living in the Mother Ship, it is light and hard to keep clean.  Really, any carpet would be!

So, I moved everything out of the slide and into the living room.

Let me just say at this point that no animals or children were harmed or lost in here!  LOL

I began by ripping up the carpet.  I had been dreading this.  The slide out is 12'x4' and when you slide it into the camper to move, it has to roll above the flooring in the living room so I wondered exactly what I was going to find under that carpet.

And here it is--red padding and if you look at the bottom of the picture you can see that there is a metal plate with a white edge.

Not the worst thing I could have found!

Now to get to the subflooring...

I found plywood.  I didn't expect that AT ALL!  I was impressed!  It was in good shape so I pulled out the staples, put on the special sealer made for the vinyl planks and it was ready to go.

I had decided to use Novalis vinyl planks that look like wood for the floor.  They sell it at Lowes.  It is fairly impervious to water and other dirt and mud that will end up on it and doesn't mold.  It is self stick and can be scored and snapped or cut with those shears that you use for vinyl siding.  Yay!

Now, back to that metal plate that runs across the front of the slide.  I had some hammered metal spray paint in bronze that I used to paint the white strip so the white wouldn't stick out.

 I found that it takes 2 layers of the flooring to be level to the metal plate. 

So I had a decision to make.  I could get some thin luan and lay another subfloor.  That is kind of expensive.

Or I could level it off to a slight rise and lay the flooring--which I did.

Of course, you remember that I have 4 dogs.  3 pugs and a 160 lb mastiff/newfoundland mix.  So, I came back to my work to find this...

And one of the culprits...

Check out that little black, uh white, paw...

Anywho, the leveling didn't work too well, so I decided to simply run two layers of the flooring which was less expensive than actually laying another subfloor.

It really goes down quickly and easily and Tank gave his approval of the floor...

This is what it looks like now.  I like it a lot!

Now to move on to more of the floor...

Gman and I have decided that we will change out the sectional (seen here with Tank demonstrating the need for the sectional!) when we replace the carpet. 

 I have found a place, called Home Reserve, that ships the furniture in boxes which you then put together.  Believe me, putting it together is MUCH better than trying to get the furniture pieces in the door of the 5th wheel and around the kitchen cabinets!  The added bonus is that it also has storage in each piece--a real plus in a 5th wheel!  AND it comes in LEATHER!!!  YAY!!!!  (dog get the picture...)


If you watch HGTV you have probably seen this furniture when they are decorating small spaces.  You order the specific pieces you need to make the size sectional you want in the end so I can match exactly the dimensions needed for the space alotted in the camper...YAY!  It also has pretty good reviews and is MUCH more economical than the true RV furniture available.  Plus, we have never used the sleeper sofa which is really UNCOMFORTABLE!  We have Little Blue for company and if needed, we would air up an air mattress rather than subject the human body to the torture of the sleeper provided by RV sofas!

 Our leather recliner is taupe as you can see in the picture above.  The leather comes in 4 colors--Coffee, Black, White and Saddle. 


I really like the saddle color,

but I also like the coffee and I think the taupe of the recliner will be fine with either of the colors. 

So now for the question:  Which sectional style?  And Which Color?  I have it narrowed down to the two pictured here.  I like them both.  Help!  Give me your opinion...


  1. Wow, you are good!

    I really like the way it looks.

  2. Gail--Thanks! You have any thoughts on the style of the new couch or the color????

  3. It's easy. The Laney in Saddle.