Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday's Things In A Row...Let's Go Racing Boys!

This crazy fun Thursday's Things In A Row was started by Pat over at A View From the Edge...

Gman and I went to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Race at the Kansas Speedway last Sunday.  I never realized until Pat came along, how many things in a row there are at a Sprint Cup Race!  So with that, Boogety, Boogety, Boogety, let's go racing...

Numbers in a row...

Cones in a row with police motorcycles in a row...

Grills in a row with rows of burgers and brats...Yum!

Kybos in a row with rows of people waiting...

Does that one on the left look a little scary to anyone but me???

Show your colors with rows of flags...everything from American Flags to driver flags!  Rows and rows of rows!

Rows of stairs to the roof of the clubhouse...

Rows of cars in front of rows of pits in front of rows of Haulers (semis) in front of rows of RV's on the hill--can you see them?  They look like little boxes on the hill up there...
Row of race cars--The #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr is OUR car!  A row of 8's--coincidence???

 A row of nails--with rows of crackles.  Blue on the bottom with silver crackle.  Note the #88 on the thumb!  Do I know how to show my colors or WHAT????

 Rows of people making rows...

By this time Gman was pointing out rows for me and enjoying the game!!!!

A row of jets doing the flyover...

A row of cars racing.  Note the 88 (3rd in line) and the #16 is right behind.  I had to get this one in because Biffle was running the Sherwin Williams #16 at Kansas and Gman Jr works for Sherwin Williams at the paint plant.  G-jr this is for you!  :)
This is the #99 car.  Another number that is a row.  This one is for my brother Tom--HIS favorite driver, Carl Edwards.  Quack!

A row of light poles with the American Flag in the middle...

A row of spotters on top of the clubhouse with many rows of windows.  See the spotters up there on top?  The blue arrows are pointing to them lined up...

A row of people watching the winning burnout (#48 Jimmie Johnson...)

Row of cars on pit road with the tower in the background showing the row of car numbers as they finished...

A row of police...
I like to call this one "It's all fun until someone ends up in cuffs!"

Actually, those guys were so drunk they looked like they were rolling around loving each other more than fighting!  LOL

A row of lines on the road as we headed home following the #39 Ryan Newman Army hauler.

We saw the hauler as we were coming onto I-70 at KC along with the #42 Montoya Target hauler.  We were rooting for the Newman hauler to win the race between the two haulers and it did!

I decided to Go Army! and followed the hauler all they way home, exploring parts of my speedometer which I normally don't use...  ;-D

We weren't going all that fast because we were getting passed all they way by the driver's RV's.  Man!  Those Marathons can sure displace air when they go whizzing past!

When we got home, Gman had a row of hats on his head...

Here's another shot...

Hope you had fun at the races with us!  We had a GREAT time!

For more row fun, check out Pat's blog...She has her eyes on you this week!  LOL  There are also links to other Row fans at the bottom of her blog!  It's crazy and fun but beware!  Once you begin--you will see ROWS EVERYWHERE!!!!!  Bwwaaaaaahhahaha!


  1. How fun is this! We have the Long Beach Grand Prix here in So. Cal - A different car - I think. Never seen anything like this.
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  2. You sure know how to have a good time! My husband and his dad LOVE Nascar racing! I have never been to a race in person but we usually watch it on tv. Looks like it's a HUGE event!! Thanks for taking me along for the ride. (No pun intended.)

  3. Great shots, what a fun day :)

  4. Wow pretty cool shots you have here. Haven't been to this kind of event so cool to see it in pictures.

    Things in a Row

  5. That outing was filled with rows! Wonderful shots! Yes...the one on the left looked very scary! Like it was about to tip over!

  6. Looks like a great place to find rows! Haha. The one with the drunk guy getting arrested cracked me up.


  7. Wow! What an exciting day! Aren't you dizzy from seeing all those rows? Ha ha! I see you have now caught the "things-in-a-row" sickness. And beware. Now that you've got it, you will NEVER get over it!

  8. Kelly L--Yep different cars. I do love racing of many types though! :)


    Kelly--It is a huge event--I think the smaller tracks hold only about 100,000 people--Most hold more. And you know, people are friendly and having a great time! :) Thanks for coming along for the ride...


    David--Thanks! Yes it was! :)




    Hen--so you saw what I saw! I kept thinking that someone was gonna end up in the ditch. Yikes! LOL


    Drizzle--the drunks cracked me up too. I heard someone say "Look I think shes taking a picture of it!" and laugh! Then another gal said, hey, I'm going to take a picture too! This is funny!


    Pat--You have ruined me! Ruined ME! I see rows (in the voice of the kid from the Sixth Sense hehe!) So fun! :)