Saturday, October 15, 2011

Changes...Spicey Dicey...

I opened the cabinet door and  2 things fell on me!  Time to get busy on this thing! 

As usual, I forgot to take the before picture BEFORE removing part of the stuff!  Just imagine the two tiered lazy susan full to overflowing with spices that were falling off each time I turned it--K?

Suffice it to say I had to accommodated all of these spices...

I had the perfect dish holder for the camper, though. 

I took this type dish organizer that I found at Wal-Mart and turned it on the back so that the dishes stood up and the wire back was in the front to keep the dishes from rolling out.  Works great!

I first decided to try the Slide and Swivel. 

It touts holding up to 20 bottles of spices in 4 inches of space!  Now, I thought that would be great use of the vertical space in the cabinet and hold plenty of spices, so I bought 2 and scurried home to organize everything in 8 inches of space!  Yay!

Unfortunately, the way that the cabinets are set up, they have the locks for the doors right in the middle where I wanted the Swivel Store to go.  Darn! 

So, being the resourceful and clever person that I am, I put the dishes in the middle and a swivel store on either side.  Okay--pat me on the back! 

Uh, or not!

Turns out that there is a little lip on either side of the cabinet that kept the swivels from opening and swiveling.  On top of that, the left one had to swivel to the right and the right one had to swivel to the left which It could not do because the door doesn't open fully due to the microwave next to it.  Also, many of my spices would not fit in the swivel store because it is made for only the McCormack size bottles and many of mine were bigger.  Darn!

So, the Swivel Stores went back.  I might add that in a normal situation I think they would work really well!

Back to the drawing board...

I saw a great kitchen makeover here at Sunla Designs...she gave me a great idea for using one of those step organizers and a metal shelf, so I ordered each of those things plus spice jars from Specialty Bottle and made labels on my printer using the Avery Dennison Design Pro 5 free program which were printed on standard mailing labels.  I used a distressed blotchy brown background that looks like water marks on old paper (from my electronic scrapbooking backgrounds) and two red borders.  I figured that they would be perfect!  I mean, it worked great over at Sunla...

So, here is what it looked like.  The cabinet is up so high that I couldn't see the labels on the jars in the back.  I thought about putting a label around each lid with my label maker but then I realized that I would have to take the ones in the front out to get to the ones in the back and blah blah...

And what about when we moved the camper?  What would happen to those bottles all sitting on their little stairs?

Time to rethink...

So, I started looking around the kitchen.  As I was cleaning, I needed a dish towel that I kept in the bottom drawer (the tallest drawer).

Ah HAH!!!!

I had an idea!

I made extra labels for each jar and put them on the top of the lids and into the drawer they went!   Easy to see what is in the jar, they are safe when we move the camper and the towels you ask?

Well I did find a way to use the metal shelf.  The dish towels are under it and the larger spices are on top of the shelf and everything has a happy home!!!!  :)


  1. I, too, had this problem with the spices. DROVE ME CRAZY! I, too, debated whether to get that handy-dandy spice rack. I finally ended up moving my spiced to a drawer, but I have my bottles lying down....never thought to stand them up. I wonder if they'd fit? I, too, have my dishes on that rack but I use the rack the way it was intended to and it works fine in our travels.

  2. I love the way you shared the process with us. Nope, that didn't work...great solution.

  3. Pat--My bottom drawer was taller than the other 3 so the spice bottles stand up perfectly. As you can see, I use a LOT of spices! Nice to know that the dish rack would work upright too. Any other tips from one RV'er to another? :)


    Gail--Well, you know, sometimes things just don't work out as well as they look. It was quite a process though! :) Did you have a lot of traffic at the new shop over the weekend? What beautiful weather to be out antiquing! :)

  4. I love to read about good organization tips! Looks like you were able to figure it all out. You really have to think outside the box when you're working with tight quarters, huh? Still working on my paint project and taking care of a sick child today.

  5. I really like what you did with the jars in the drawer. We have an RV and the spices are always tumbling around in the cabinets. The shelves aren't tall enough for the racks but the drawer might solve the problem. Thanks for the ideas.