Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving At Our House...

Our son came to visit for Thanksgiving!  Yay!!!!!

Last time he came to visit I was sick--and it was his birthday!  Ack!

THIS time I said NO WAY will I be sick!

We went to my niece's house for lunch.  It was her first Thanksgiving in her new house--well remodeled house.  It is actually a victorian type cottage.  Such a CUTE house!  I will be showing this to you later, but for now on to our visit with our son!

After lunch we came back to the RV.  James stays in Little Blue (the little 24 ft bumper pull that we have that serves as an office, guest quarters and our vacation home that we pull with the Durango).

We set up the WII that I gave to Gman last year for Christmas and the guys had a bowl off.  

They actually both bowled and are really GREAT bowlers!   And both lefties...

They decided that bowling on the WII is not like real bowling, but had a nice competitive competition.

Then they headed to the WII tennis court.  I am telling you THAT was funny.  Especially in a 5th wheel!  LOL

This is Gman Junior watching a movie after the competition.  

This guy was watching Gman Jr--why?  Well, Frank was rescued by Gman Jr when he was a puppy and then because Gman had pugs as a boy, GJr gave him to his dad on father's day.  What a great gift!  But Frank still loves GJr--

So, he came over and snuggled up to GJr for the movie.

GJr had to get back  to his home the next day, but it was sure wonderful to see him again!  Who couldn't love this face????


  1. Sounds like it was a wonderful visit and a lot of fun too. GJr is a handsome guy!

  2. It's ALWAYS nice to have kids come home for a visit!