Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas At Our Place...

Well, you have seen my brother's house all decorated up for Christmas so I thought I would invite you to our place.

I finally put the tree up on Sunday so come on in and see what we have done...

This stocking was made by me from ribbons that my grandmother saved from the funeral arrangements of my grandfather decades ago when ribbon was actually satin and silk.

Cranberries and barn stars swag across the slideout opening in the living room

With this sign of invitation to all.

My snowman perches next to a couple of my birdhouses on top of the window valance.

Across the room are the dog's stockings hung with care from the window valance.

And here is our tree.  It travels with us in the basement (the area in the underbelly of the 5th wheel).  When we decided to take to the road, I gave myself two metal file boxes (each about the size of a full sized file cabinet drawer).  The two file boxes hold my Christmas/spring/Easter and my July 4th/Autumn/Halloween decorations.  If I overflow those boxes I have to get rid of something.  Period!  All of you who know me, KNOW this is really a big deal for me!

Above the window are two ornaments that some friends gave us this year knowing we are crazy NASCAR fans.

Each year we get an ornament that has meaning to us.  

This was from 2006 when we went with my brother, Tom and his wife Nina and their kids for the show in Wichita.

This one was from 2009 when we were up in the Hudson Valley in NY.  Dunkin Donuts were everywhere, so we just couldn't resist this little guy!

2010 found us in Missouri at Kan-Do Kampground in Danville.  The owners say it's all about the frog, so we decided on a frog.  I looked and looked and Kathy, the owner, presented me with this little guy.  So cute!

This is the 2011 ornament.  A small camper with a wreath that says Missouri.  This is because this is the year that we bought Little Blue here in Missouri.  Little Blue is our little 24 ft guest house/office/vacation home.

This little red bird perches on the top of the tree.  It is one of only two ornaments that we have from Gman's mom.

The gold ornament is the other ornament that we have from Gman's mom.  See the little poinsettia?  I found this at a restaurant called Marlenes in Williamsburg.  They have a little second hand shop there that I like to check out while waiting for our food and there it was.  It's so little and flat and perfect for us!

This Cardinal was also in the package and since we are in Cardinal country and the Cardinals won the World Series this year, why not?

Did I mention we are crazy NASCAR fans? 
Can you guess who we follow?

So, take a nice look at the tree...

The glass is from our ride on the Branson Belle when we went to Branson this year.

Love our Labs!

A case of Coca-Cola in the "snow"
Thanks for coming by for a visit!

Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year from our house to yours!


  1. Hey Yvonne.... I've been such the delinquent online!! LOL We live right on the OK/KS border, south of Wichita, so we've narrowly escaped the wrath of this winter storm. I think we are just getting more rain this morning... after 2.5 inches yesterday. Our pond is mega-overflowing, after it lay barren all summer!

    You've got your trailer fixed up so pretty and cozy and homey-like!! I just love the twinkly-lights at night, so warm and inviting. :)

  2. Oz Girl--Yep. You are right down there by all the new casino action...You are gonna love the next tour of the rectory. They had a Wizard of Oz room and a bottle of wine from right down there by you! :) Pretty amazing after the drought all summer isn't it! Thanks for the kind words. Lovely to have you bounce in! :)