Monday, December 19, 2011

Victorian House Tour Part 6...

Here we are on the last tour of the wonderful home of my brother, Tom and Sister in law, Nina.

If you need to catch up, you can see the first tour here, the second tour here, the third tour here, the fourth tour here and the fifth tour here.

Today we are heading to the Violet Bedroom (AKA the Master Bedroom).

As we leave the green room and cross the hall, we see this vignette.  The plates on the wall give you a hint of the room to come and the photo below them is Tom and Nina's daughter's engagement picture. I totally LOVE that picture--of course, my friend and I took it but I really DO love it!  :)  

In the old wash bowl you see a large collection of pound puppies and kittens.  

Let me take this time to introduce you to the pound puppies in the family:

The newest is Miss Bailey.  Tom and Nina just adopted her in October.  She is a sweetie!

Bailey's dog sister is Mimi.  She was an ugly dog.  Her nose had been broken at some time and is at an angle--which doesn't slow her down at all!

This is our troop of pound puppies.  They have all been rescued.  

Our son has a pound puppy--our grandpuppy.

Tom & Nina's daughter and son in law have 5 little pound puppies and a pound kitty all rescued from shelter and their son has two pound puppies and two pound kitties.

I can tell you that the best puppies for us have been pound puppies and if you are looking for a new family member, check out the pound!  Our favorite breed is mutt!  :)

Back to the tour...

As you walk into the room, you will see this dresser.  Is it not wonderful with the marble in the middle and the mirror with the interesting shape?  See the great lamp with the huge chimney?  It really puts out the light!  

For some reason, the wallpaper looks as if it is pink on the background.  It is actually cream.  It must be the way my camera read it.  Anyway, you see another of Nina's ladies and there is Gman in the doorway.

Here is another view of the dresser and do you see the fan on the floor?  Tom and Nina collect these.  They call them hand chopper fans.  They really do put out the air!  I remember that my grandmother always had one of these when we visited her in PA.  They didn't have a/c, so fans were the norm there.

You can see the side of the daybed.

This is the full daybed.  They found it in Wichita while visiting Gman and me.  My camera was set for auto flash and the light from the windows made it think it didn't need more light.  

Anyway, this daybed is an antique and unique in that you can pull a strap  and the cushion flips out into a full sized bed.  I have never seen one that does that.  It must have been the cat's meow when it was new!  I know it still is!

Let me tell you a secret about this daybed.  

Tom and Nina used to have a king sized bed but when they found the perfect bed frame it was only a full size.  Tom was able to make it into a queen bed, but a king would not fit right.  This displaced the dogs.  So, the dogs got this daybed as their bed!

Yes, their labs do sleep on that daybed--though one of them jumps in with Tom and Nina every chance she gets!  

This is the bed.  They found this in Wichita too.  Actually, it was a small town southeast called Winfield.   Didn't Tom do a great job of making it big enough for a queen?  You wouldn't guess it was ever just a double!  The bed is sporting a pretty purple bow and some greenery.  Not too much because if there was more, where would Tom hang his glasses when he goes to bed? 

The skirt on the bed is a vintage skirt and the had resting on it is as well.  Nina wears the hat from time to time.   

The round box to the left of the skirt is a hoop.  It is a collapsible one that when you pull it out, it expands like one of those balls you can buy.  

The round brown box holds a man's vintage collar.

Honestly?  I don't know which would be worse--wearing that collar or that hoop!  Yikes!

This is Tom's dresser.  Nina put a bow on that one too--but Tom can take it!  LOL

You can see a little better shot of the had and gloves, glasses and opera glasses.

And this is the armoire.    Isn't it beautiful with the bow and lights and greenery.  And look at the ornaments.  See the white moon flowers?  They have little crystals hanging from the center.

Oh and there is Nina's slip!  Geez Nina!  Do you have to leave your underwear out????  LOL

Actually, it is vintage and very pretty with eyelet.

So, let's head down the stairs and outside to view the lights at night...

And with that, Tom and Nina thank you for visiting and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!

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