Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Yesterday was payday!  Yay!  We always like payday.  We head to the larger towns around to shop and eat out.  Yay!

Yesterday, we tried Culver's.  I have never been to one but recently heard about them and their famous "butterburgers".  Gman asked, "What's a butterburger?"  Don't know--let's try them!

So, in we went--Gman somewhat reluctantly and me full steam ahead (normal for us!--me being the crazy one and all!)

They were tasty and Gman LOVED the fries!  We decided it was very much like Braum's which we really enjoyed but haven't been to in a while--and haven't seen in this area.  A fine start.

At Sam's Club I think I actually squealed when I was looking for something else and came across some Organic Quinoa!  (pronounced keenwa)   At least Gman looked at me like he was trying to decide if he should rush me to the psych ward or just put me in a straight jacket so I must have squealed!  hehe!

I have been eating Quinoa for a while now.  Several people have asked what in the world it is and several have told me that they tried it and really didn't care for it.

Well, first, it is a seed not a grain and it is packed with nutrition from amino acids to high protein!  Though I am not a granola cruncher, I have to eat 60-90 grams of protein per day so I am always trying to find ways to add protein and Quinoa is really good for that.  It is also naturally gluten free--for those of you who are watching that.

You use Quinoa like rice.  It is a bit nutty in flavor--more like Basmati Rice (which I LOVE).  It cooks quickly--at least quicker than rice--and I like to make a pot and then dish it out with some cinnamon, sugar (told you I wasn't a granola cruncher!) or honey (!) and some coconut milk (or regular milk).  Yum!  That is my fav way to eat white rice as well!  Could make rice pudding with this or use it in a pilaf or any way that you would normally use rice--soups, stuffed peppers, you name it!

Some people have said that they tried it and didn't like it because it was very bitter.  Yes.  You have to rinse Quinoa until the water runs clear to remove the coating on the seed or it will taste bitter.  A plus on the Quinoa from Sam's, it is pre-rinsed and ready to use!  Yay!  AND it was 2 lb for just over $4!  Yay!  I was getting it at the amish store for just under 2 lb at $7.75.  Find it by the rice.

So, with another little stash of Quinoa, I headed for the ZipFizz.  Unfortunately, they only had grape or orange.  I was looking for Pink Lemonade and the Berry Flavor.  This is like Gatorade.  One of these tubes is the same as 3-32 oz gatorades with only 30 calories for the whole tube!!!!!  I have had this late in the evening and not had trouble sleeping.  In this weather (100 degrees daily for what seems like a year, but has only been a couple of months so far (!) and more coming!!!!) I really need to replace electrolytes but the Gatorade just has so much sugar and is kind of expensive too!  This replaces the electrolytes and carries in my purse much more easily than 3-32 oz bottles of Gatorade would for sure!  And at just under $1 per tube is much more economical than Gatorade.

So, I got some grape and this morning ordered the Pink Lemonade and the Berry from Samsclub.com.  They will arrive in 3-5 days.

When I got home, I ran down to some friends house to deliver something that I picked up for them at Sam's.  They had my local honey.  Yum!  Nothing like honey from the hive!   Rich and dark (although it looks darker in this picture than in real life).

So, all in all, a good day!

Just to let you know--I didn't get paid or reimbursed for the above--these are just a few things that I really like and was excited to find!

It's been a while--I know.  This heat has really gotten to me.  Of course, since I have been Miss No Energy I also haven't been cooking to eat right which has probably compounded it.  So TIRED of this heat!!!!!!  So THANKFUL for a/c!!!!!!!

Since I only lost 5 lbs in the last 5 weeks (should have been more like 10!!!!!) I know I need to get back on the protein and off of the ice cream!  LOL

So, less ice cream and more quinoa pudding!   Yum!!!!!  And I am going to be using the honey for a new recipe which I will share with you if it turns out well...

Until later....


  1. Just wanted to wish you and Gman a happy anniversary...from another "August 2nd" couple :-)

    1. Thanks Kathy! Enjoy your anniversary too! :)