Friday, July 20, 2012

Thursday's Things In A Row...I'd Rather Have a Bottle In Front Of Me...

Joining Pat at A View From The Edge for Thursday's Things In a Row.

This made me think of the words to the older song--"I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotamy."  Do you remember that one?  I don't even know who did it or the rest of the song, but those words stuck with me.

I keep running into people who are using wine bottles in their gardens for everything from lining paths to just decoration.

This first one is decorations in a small garden area.

These next bottles are in a garden and were painted by the owner first rather than left natural.

They both add a lot of interest to gardens.

I also found a great idea on Pinterest for using wine bottles.  You can use bottles in your plants as waterers rather than purchasing those little glass ones at the store--and they hold a lot more water than the purchased ones.  I would think any old bottle would do.  Can you see a Coke Bottle here?

I happened to have this red bottle and put it in my tomato plant.

 The blue bottle went into my little flower planters with red petunias and white geraniums.
Just fill the bottles with water when you are watering during the day and turn it upside down in the pot where it will allow the water to drain as the soil dries.  It really does work great!

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  1. A good idea for the watering, L.1. We used a principle similar with the waterers for the baby chicks. We used a fruit jar.

    I am not sure about having those wine bottles around in the garden as they don't look much like the rest of the stuff that nature put there. A small statue would be okay though.

    Thank you for the blog visit. I hadn't considered the stripes in the flag.

    1. True that the wine bottles don't look natural, but they do lend color and some shine. :) Thanks for popping by!

  2. I've never seen bottles used as decorations in a garden or for watering purposes! I like both ideas, though! I will have to tell my sister about the bottle edging.

    1. Oh do tell your sister! I can't wait to see what she does with them in that beautiful garden that she has managed to create! :)