Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday's Things In A Row...Numbers

Joining Pat over at A View From The Edge in Thursday's Things In A Row...

Last week we were sitting in the 5th wheel when my eyes began to sting and my nose was watering.  I noticed then that I could smell ammonia--strongly.  I looked at Gman and asked if he smelled it.  It hit him just as I asked and right after that our propane detector started screeching.

We immediately evacuated and I shut off the a/c, opened the windows, turned on all of the fans to vent the camper and grabbed the camper manual.

Nothing.  Nada.  No help...

So, I tippy toed into the camper, through the nasty smell and grabbed my computer.

After googling "ammonia smell in the camper", I found out it was the fridge.

Yep.  I opened the fridge and by golly, it was warmish and the freezer wasn't a freezer anymore.

So, after getting estimates for the replacement of the fridge, during which we found out that a 12 cu foot fridge in a camper is roughly the cost of a sub zero monster house fridge, we decided to go the household fridge route and headed out to shop.

What does this have to do with things in a row?  Well, take a gander at the numbers that the car was showing us as we headed out to shop...
Actually, when I started to take the picture, it was 111 which was a perfect set of things in a row.  So, I just had to show you this...

This was day 9 of 11 days of over 100 degrees in a row!  That was a record set back in the 1930's.

Hear me whimper folks!

Last year, this area had 3 days of triple digits for the WHOLE SUMMER!!!!  The summer before, was ZERO!!!

We are now enjoying the balmy mid to high 90's and going for another record--30 days of over 90 degrees in a row...

The ground is cracked and dry, the crops failing and the people with cattle and swine will be selling off at losses, with many in danger of going out of business and losing family farms.

Please pray for rain and relief for the midwest.  If not for these fine folks, then for your pocketbooks as the prices for everything from produce to meat and fuel will be going up dramatically.

The a/c units are still working well...knocking on wood!!!!!

How is the weather where you are?  Anyone having a nice summer????

For more Things In a Row (and more fun things in a row!!!!) go over to Pat's and enjoy--hopefully with a cold drink while in front of a fan sitting over an a/c vent!   :)  Stay cool!


  1. The inside of your car looks like mine has for the past week. We haven't had that many days of triple digits yet but we're still in the mid 90's. We got a little rain tonight but not enough to help the crops.

    Hopefully we will all get some relief and rain soon.

    Sorry to hear about your fridge!

  2. Good thing in numbers for rows, LB. I have a liking for the same numbers trippled. Most often I see them on my car odometer. WOW!!! 111 degrees is really hot isn't it!
    Hoping for some rain for you (I'd like you to have some that we will get again tomorrow, we've had enough here in the Houston area for a bit.)

    1. Sorry to to hear about your fridge. It's always something. Perhaps we can blame the heat.

  3. Hot and dry in Arkansas. People are selling cattle like crazy. Nothing to feed them.

    Glad you detected the smell before it made you both sick.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. I'm glad you guys got out when you did! What if you were sleeping? I heard that the refrigerator is a BIG expense! Luckily our refrigerator held up while we had the trailer. (Which still hasn't sold yet - still in AZ for sale.) It's been hot here, too, in IL and very little rain, if any. We all have to pray for rain. I'm glad your air conditioners are keeping up. We only had one a/c in our 40 ft. trailer....the most it cooled off during the day was about 80.