Sunday, March 10, 2013

Menu March 11-15, 2013

So, how did things go last week with the menu you ask?


While shopping for groceries, we hit Aldi and did you know that they have fresh meat?  I did not realize that until last week.  Not my first time in an Aldi by far, but the first time I noticed the meat!  Go Figure!

Anywho, I thought I would check it out.  I spotted those roast and veggie packs.  You know what I am talking about?  There is a vacuum sealed bag with potatoes, carrots, onions and celery.  There is also another vacuum sealed bag with a roast and a little packet of seasonings.  All of this is in the fresh meat section just waiting for us to pick it up and put it into the crock pot--for a price of course!

As I am noting the interesting packets, I note the price!  $3.99!!!!!  Yes--$3.99!!!!!


I think I heard angels singing...

I have seen those in Wal-Mart for about $10-$12.

I took 4.  Yes, the sell by date was Monday and this was Saturday night, but I decided to cook two for Monday night dinner and freeze two.  Yay!

And they were yummy!  We ate one that night and had the second cooked one for leftovers.  Yummmmmm...

So, Lasagna Soup was Tuesday and it was good!  4 thumbs up.
Wednesday was Becky's Chicken Thighs were okay.  3 thumbs up.  The scalloped potatoes were not good.  4 thumbs down.
Thursday was a busy day and we ended up with burger and fries night.  The George Foreman is great for those burgers!
Friday turned out to be Mexican Chowder and it is excellent!  4 thumbs up!  We skipped fish.

So, this week we will be trying the following:



Ham Steak with Lima Beans & Potatoes



I am happy to report that the drenching rains have gotten rid of most of the snow around here--except for some of the biggest mountains created by plowing parking lots.  Yay!

Have a great week!

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