Friday, March 15, 2013

Menu March 18-27, 2013

Hey everyone!  We finally got some sunshine here!

March came in like a lion for sure!  I hope it decides to go out like a lamb--like it is supposed to do!

March is playing with us--cold, snowy, sleety, yucky, overcast, windy--you name it and just when you think "darn!  Will winter never end????  Perhaps we should put groundhog on the menu!", you get a lovely sunny day that makes life worth living.

Then, winter comes back with a vengeance!

It's like dancing a tango.  Love--Hate!

Today is...LOVE!!!!  Sunshine, 70's.

Time to pop up out of my cave to enjoy the sunshine while it is still here before the sunshine bids adieu!

Recap of Last Week:

YUMMMMMM...4 thumbs up!  Note that the recipe called for 2 T minced garlic and 2 t garlic powder.  Seemed like a lot for the tastes of the family (my parents, gman and me), so I just used 1 T minced garlic and 1 t garlic powder.  I believe I could have just skipped the garlic powder and it would have been fine.  We did love it!  The potatoes were kind of heated in some water with greek seasoning and were quite tasty too.  Love my Greek Seasoning!

3 thumb down--bye bye Potato Pan Burger...funny--we have had this recipe for decades and made it a lot in the past and liked it but now our taste buds have evidently changed.

Ham Steak with Lima Beans & Potatoes
I changed this one to ham chunks with green beans and potatoes cooked together.  It's a fav of ours and just sounded good!  It was...

Enjoyed this one too!  4 thumbs up!  Keeping!

Now for this week:

This is a great recipe that I found over at Farm Girl in the Suburbs and pinned it to my Pinterest Board immediately--and it got to stay!  :)  When we go to Olive Garden, Gman goes ape over the Pasta e Fagioli and this is excellent!  Note that when I made it, I used the red kidney beans and black beans because I didn't have any navy beans.  Still GREAT!!!!  So, pop on over to Farm Girl's blog and tell her I sent ya!  Thanks for sharing Farm Girl!




Fridays are always Burger and Fries night.  We make up some burgers and get out the George Foreman grill and throw the fries into the oven and in about 20 min--yum!!!!  AND they are better for you than the ones at the restaurants.  However, during lent the Catholic churches around this area really have great fish frys--it's a big deal in these parts and we take advantage for the 5-6 weeks of lent.  So, Fish...

Have a great week everyone!

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