Friday, September 27, 2013

Out to Eat...Pizza Hut, Bastrop, TX...

Last Sunday after church we decided to have some lunch.  With a bit of time before the NASCAR race, we thought we would eat in.

As we drove around town, we came across the Pizza Hut in Bastrop, TX.

We entered the building and were told to just take a seat and they would come and take our order soon.  We chose a seat by the TV that was playing the NASCAR pre-race and sat.
See the TV up there right above the Customer Parking Only sign?
After about 15 minutes with no waitress in sight and watching people who had arrived before us still waiting, we headed for the cashier station and decided to order a pizza to go as we actually did want to eat sometime that day.  While standing there waiting to order, a few couples left--apparently they were done waiting to order as well.

So, pizza to go ordered, we sat back at the table we had chosen before to watch the NASCAR pre-race.

As we were sitting there, I noticed that there was more racing happening in the Pizza Hut than on TV.
Can you see it?
Here, let me get a closer view...
EWWWWWWW...This is actually after he died.  He was alive and going across the floor in the first and second pictures and feet down.

At any rate, with the lack of service and the, um, protein source, I think the Pizza Hut in Bastrop, TX is off of our list of places to eat!

Excuse me while I go and take a breath...

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  1. With service and "ambiance" like that I don't think the restaurant will be around long.