Friday, February 25, 2011

Here's Your Sign...

I saw this comedian back in the 1980's. I thought he was just absolutely HILLARIOUS! He was new on the scene, but so funny!
He brought a new phrase into my life--"Here's Your Sign". I think it is the predecessor to "Duh", but Duh doesn't quite cover it.
Bill Engvall is the comedian and if you have never heard him, there is actually a music video on youtube with him in it. Of course, there are tons of videos of him. This is just so funny!
I can't embed it because it isn't allowed on this one, so here is the URL for you to paste into your browser to watch it:
We all have those here's your sign moments. We have all come upon someone with a gas can walking away from a car and say "out of gas?" Or how about the person along the side of the road with the lug wrench in their hands and a tire leaning against the car--don't we go up and say "got a flat?"
I just love to look at the warning labels on items that I purchase...
Blow dryer "Do not use while in the shower"
Lawn mower "Do not use as a hedge trimmer"
Sun Shade for the windshield of your car "Do not drive with shade in place"
Seriously???? It just gives me a chuckle.
So, the other day, we had a break between snow storms. No snow and reasonably dry out. I headed to the car wash because I could no longer see out of the windows of my Durango.
I get to the car wash and find that the automatic is down so I have to use the manual sprayer and just burst out laughing out loud! I admit it has been a while, but I don't remember seeing this the last time I went...


  1. 7 quarters ....... maybe somebody tried 175 pennies?

  2. I agree that he's hilarious. We went to see him several years ago, back when the Blue Collar Comedy thing was getting big.

    Maybe we've just reached the point where people don't know how to figure out how many quarters makes $1.75...I guarantee that sign is there for a reason!

    Thanks for your suggestions. We're trying to figure out a way to lessen what little noise there is so they'll quit complaining. You're right, though, the noise isn't the real issue.

  3. The warnings crack me up.

    Like on a hot chocolate cup. Warning: hot. Well, one would hope so.