Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Play That Funky Music...Happy Songs...

I tend towards the Big Band Era and Swing for my main musical taste sprinkled with a bit of cross over country, hip hop (okay just one song!) and contemporary Christian music. One day I may go through some of my favorite songs in those categories. However, today is all about the Funky Music! You know, the music that just makes you get up and shake your tail feathers, or open the roof, roll down the windows, hike the bass and head down the road just for the fun of it! You hum/sing/shout, tap your feet and in general just can't help but enjoy! One just popped up recently and I LOVE it! So, for your reading (and listening pleasure), here are some of the fun and funky tunes that make me go YIPPEEEEE! Given the name of the blog, I will begin with "Play that Funky Music" by Wild Cherry. Don't know if they did anything else and it actuall was on a 45--can you believe it??? And after all this time, I still LOVE this song! Pretty much anything by Weird Al Yankovich is good for at least a laugh! I think the first song by Weird Al of which I was aware was "I'm Fat"...no comment...
Jive Bunny and the MasterMixers is certainly a good one for parodies of music and a lot of fun!
For those of us who love to dance to a good beat and fun song, who can forget "Disco Duck" by Rick Dees. Did he do anything else? I have NO IDEA~
Phil Driscoll--Love almost anything he does, but "Forever Land" is one of those songs that makes my toes tap!
Steven Curtis Chapman comes into the list with "Dive!" Fun!
Chris Rice brings us the playful Cartoon Song...Do you just love the Smurfs and Scooby Do singing Halleluhia!???
One that I just really enjoy is the Newsboys "Wherever We Go--That's Where the Party's At". This is kind of a motto for me! :)
A single Hip Hop song gets into the first list. Vanilla Ice brings us "Ice Ice Baby" the '05 version.
And the song that made me think of this blog...
Drum Roll please......
Michael Buble' singing "Hollywood!" Oh my gosh! This one comes on the radio and I just have a smile for the rest of the day! Having a bad morning? Listen to Hollywood and the world rights itself!
So, get out the LP, 45, CD or MP3 and enjoy some toe tapping, shake your tail feathers mamma, just can't stop smiling fun!!!!!


  1. Weird Al definately has some great songs.

  2. Given the fact that I am reading this in your presence .... I don't have to comment ..... do I?

  3. Oh yes Miss Kathy--I DO expect you to give me some of your favorite happy songs!!!!