Friday, September 2, 2011

Fractured Friday...Psyched...

Just a bunch of thoughts that don't go together...

1)  I am Psyched because Gman Jr is headed this direction next Friday! 

It is his birthday and then he, Gman, his uncles and at least 1 cousin are golfing in a charity tournament on Saturday together.  The tournament helps Nino de Mexico--a group of orphanages in Mexico. 

I so look forward to seeing my little boy!  :)  He's a good man of whom I am proud!

2)  I am Psyched because Psych is going to be starting soon.  I love that show!  :)

3)  I am Psyched because I WON the scarf and headband lovingly made by MamaTea!!!!  (and modeled in this picture by the infamous MamaTea!!!) It will keep me toasty this winter--which I HOPE is a LONG way away!

4)  I am Psyched because of this forecast!  If we make it through the hundreds today and nearly so tomorrow we are getting some rain (which we need) and look at the temps!!!!!  Yay!!!!

Everyone have a great day!  What has you Psyched????


  1. I'm with you on the weather...they better not get the forecast wrong, or I'll be SO angry!

  2. Many things to be psyched about!

    Your son is sure good looking! *wink*

    Come on rain!

    Congrats on winning!

  3. I like Pyshed too made me laugh sometimes. And get affected if the cop won't believe them grrr. That scarf is pretty on you. Good luck to your son he is a good looking guy! Happy weekend!
    Weekend Reflection

  4. Kathy G--what do you say, we go and smack some weathermen if they get it wrong and it stays hot! LOL


    Pat--Thank you. We like him. :) And thank you on the congrats. I hope I don't have to wear the scarf and headband for a long time! :)


    Kim--Thank you--we kind of like him too. :)