Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday's Things In A Row...Branson

Today's Things In A Row are from our vacation in Branson.  We just got back on Tuesday and had a GREAT time! 

This is the bakery at Silver Dollar City.  Look at those Eclairs--I missed those because they were gone when we came back, but I did get a cupcake!  Wow!  Yummy!  :)

A Bridge at Silver Dollar City--The peaks, the lights and the floorboards...

We stopped for an ice cream float and saw the Christmas lights which were up at this shop...
They were also up outside of the Opera...
On to our cruise on the Showboat Branson Belle...
This is a chain and propeller on the walk...

People sitting in the chairs on the dock (Gman is in the middle)...

These were the chairs...

What an interesting take on adirondak chairs huh?

Even the Paddle Wheels on the boat gave us some things in a row...

Weather was perfect--Condo was perfect--So Relaxing!!!! I'm ready to go back! :)

Pat Started the Thursday's Things In A Row, so head on over and see what she has this week, too!


  1. Great things in a row! I could sink my teeth in one of those cupcakes! We've been to Branson and took a ride on that boat, too! The show was pretty good. I LOVE those chairs and that's a great shot!

    You asked me if I miss Chicago.....I didn't live IN Chicago, but the suburbs. We camp for about 3 months in the summer somewhat near to where I used to live so it gives me a chance to visit my friends and family.

  2. Great captures of "things in a row"!

  3. I bet those buildings look great when all lit up!
    LOVE those chairs - were they as comfy as they look?

  4. Great row shots! Those chairs are really neat. It took me a minute to realize they are in the shape of fish. =)

  5. The pictures from the bakery made me so hungry!
    And I adore the fish chairs!


  6. Branson!!! We need to have a blog party in Branson!

    Great rows...I have walked that bridge and had both ice cream and baked goods.

    Did you play with the water cannons...that's where me and the grands always end up.

  7. Pat--I had to have one of the cupcakes (really wanted an eclair but they were gone when we came back!!!) and it took 3 days to eat the whole thing! Wow was it good though! Nice to be able to see the family and friends isn't it? When do you head back south?


    Jeanelle--Thanks! And thanks for stopping in!


    Lesley--I would love to see the buildings lit up too. They didn't have all of the lights up yet. I think they light up for Christmas around the first of November. We are thinking about going down around that time some year to see the lights. The chairs were really comfy (I had to check it out too!) :)


    DesertHen--Thanks! Cute take on the old adirondak design huh?


    Drizzle--It makes me want another cupcake everytime I look at that picture! :)


    Gail--Wouldn't that be fun? A blog party in Branson! :) No water cannons--it was in the low 70's and overcast that day--we stayed away from water! LOL The sun came out beautifully around 5:00 pm when we were leaving. LOL Ain't that the way! We are definitely going back--and in less than 31 years this time!!!! LOL

  8. You found some great things in a row on your trip. I really like the chain, that is a great perspective. Eclairs do sound yummy, they would have been tempting.

    I'm catching up on everyone's Things in a Row.