Monday, September 5, 2011

Mother of Invention Monday...Bag Corral...

Mother of Invention Monday is a collection of things that I have found being used for purposes other than their intended purposes.  Some are cute, some are great recycling ideas, some are downright bizarre and some are all of the decide...

This past spring the Kampground here had a yard sale.  Everyone was encouraged to bring their dreck and the surrounding populace was encouraged to come and cart something away.

Well, the day was drizzly and cold and as it turned out was also graduation weekend so it wasn't as successful as everyone hoped.

However, I found this...

I just could NOT leave it.  I HAD to have it!  It CALLED to me!

I had one of those stainless bag holders which had so many bags in it that it kept popping off the side of the cabinet and a plastic piece had also broken off and fled to parts unknown. 

Plastic bags are a MUST when living in a 5th wheel with D-O-G-S!  I carry them wherever I go to "do my duty after my dogs do theirs".  :)

Recently while doing some remodeling in the Mother Ship (to be shown later), I came across it again and this is what happened...

I hung it on the side of the cabinet and lined it with a red and white dish towel loaded with farm animals woven through the end.  I left the ends to flap over like Pug's ears...

Now I have a great holder for not only my plastic bags, but my paper sacks as well!


  1. That was a great find! I had one of those plastic can things in our RV and finally threw it away. The basket you found is great, I'm going to look for one....maybe two, one for the house too.

  2. SquirrelQueen--I look forward to seeing what you find! :)

  3. I love the wall basket! What a cool idea to use it to store plastic bags. What's nice about it is it can be wall mounted, so it doesn't take up to much space.

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  4. Much cuter than one of those unimaginative bag holders! Too bad the white elephant swap didn't have a good turnout, it sounds like the idea has possibilities.