Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday's Things In A Row...Happy Birthday Gman...

Thursday's Things In A Row was started by Pat and it was so fun to see what she came up with, I took the invitation and joined her.  Before long, I started to see rows in places that I had never paid attention to previously! 

Today's things in a row are from the places Gman and I went to eat for his birthday.

These chairs beckon on the porch of Marlene's Restaurant.  You can go in to eat from a menu or just get some ice cream and enjoy some time lounging on the porch.  Gman says they have the BEST burgers in the area!  I always enjoy Marlene's and there is even a museum!

Notice the Thermometer.  And this is in the shade!

When we came back out, it was 100 humid degrees!  In the shade...

That evening Gman chose Mexican.  This is Ruiz Castillo.  Look at the arches, lights and just in case you can also check out the stripes on the side of Jr.  :)

Gman enjoyed his fare.  I thought that the spices used were not to my liking.  It seemed rather bland to me and I could have sworn I tasted basil in the beans along with some cilantro and chili powder.  It was a rather strange combo.  Perhaps I should have asked for some habanero sauce or something.  I tend to gravitate to the more spicy fare of the Southwest Mexican food we enjoyed when we lived in New Mexico.  We did have good service.

While there, a couple of men came in with a folder--apparently they were doing business of some sort.  The first man ordered his meal and asked that they leave off the pico.  Man 2 asked what pico was.  Man 1--well it is kind of like this salsa here but bigger pieces and onion right? (to the waitress who I am not sure was totally fluent in English and when he asked again, she said, oh sure, right).  Man 2--I'll have the fried chicken.  Just cracked me up.

When we were seated I couldn't resist this shot of the chairs and silverware lined up just perfectly. 

Then, a young man was seated there with his family.  Suddenly he bumped his grandpa and said, "Wow!  That is exactly identical to my other one, but different!"   LOL

Gman enjoyed his lunch and dinner and his birthday. 

Be sure to head over to Pat's to check out all othe other rows...


  1. What funny conversations!

    I LOVE the different colored chairs in a row!

    You are so observant!

  2. those first two pics bring back good memories, my gramps always had tose lined up on his porch, we would sit there in the summer eating water melon and laughing...great shot :)

  3. Love those old colourful metal chairs - but man, they must be hot to sit in with that heat (which could be why the were all empty?!

  4. Those chairs look so cool. I love the colorfulness of the pictures. :)


  5. Now that's a great the rows.

    Don't tell Pat you know me, she's thinks I'm crazy.

    Great job.

  6. Hubby's great aunt lived in Warrenton, and when we visited her we'd always go out to dinner. I've eaten at that Ruiz Castillo a couple of times; I thought it was pretty good.

  7. I would go to this restaurant just to hear the conversations, those are too funny. I love the colorful chairs but with those kind of temperatures I would want to put my chair in front of the ice machine. :)

    Happy Birthday to Gman!

  8. How fun. Are you really living in a fifth wheel? We hope to travel some after my husband retires in a few years. Thanks so much for all your kind comments.

  9. Pat--it's all because of you! Now I see all kinds of things in a row! :)


    David--I love them too. Sitting out there with an ice cream cone is just great! You meet so many people. Not when it is 100 degrees though. Inside is usually quite interesting as people congregate at large tables and chat with complete strangers. :)


    Lesley--I suspect you are right!




    Gail--You are safe with me! I won't tell! LOL


    KathyG--Nice to hear from someone close by. Gman enjoyed it too. :)


    SquirrelQueen--Thank you for the birthday wishes to Gman. I hear you with the ice machine! :)


    Kim--Yes. Gman and I are definitely living in a 5th wheel. He has traveled with his job for almost 20 years and after our son was out of the nest and on his own we had a moment of insanity that stuck and decided to get the 5th wheel so I could travel with him and we could enjoy wherever we landed. We didn't know if we would like it, but figured we have done a lot of stupid stuff and it wasn't irreversable. :) We actually like it though! :)

  10. Great row shots! I love those colorful chairs! My nana had a few like them on her front porch and I remember everyone fighting over who would get to sit in them...the adults usually won that!

    What cute conversations you over heard. =)