Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Gman...

That's Gman on the right in his cousin's wedding.
 Today is the day that my hubby was born several decades ago.

Since then, he has had a lot happen in his life including marrying Moi and having a beautiful baby boy.

Gman is a great guy and I am blessed to have him. 

Happy Birthday Honey!


  1. Happy Birthday Gman! Hope it was a great day

  2. Awww he is SO cute in his cousin's wedding, all proper in his little suit. :-)

    Happy Birthday to your Gman!!!!

    (I don't remember the kind of corn, a bi-color something or other, bought the seeds from Johnnys Selected Seeds... I just know it's sooooo good!)

  3. Happy Birthday Gman!

    And hey - pssst.....Labbie1, you were the winner on my giveaway over at Farmish Kind of Life! Stop over to claim your prize!! :)

  4. Kathy G--Thank you for the birthday wishes! :)


    Isn't that just the CUTEST??? His cousin lurks around over on facebook and she saw it too! :)

    Could the corn be peaches and cream? That is SO YUMMY!!!


    MamaTea--Thank you for your birthday wishes and I am SO EXCITED that I won!!!! Of course, since it is 100 degrees here (literally!) it will hopefully be a while before I need to wear it! I'm hoping for a LONG autumn!!!! :)