Saturday, August 13, 2011

The REST Of The Story...

Perhaps you remember the Canoe story.  If not, it is here.  And then there was the story of the week AFTER the Canoe story here...

Well, it didn't end there but I couldn't tell you the rest of the story until I had photographic proof.

I mean, NO ONE would believe it!

A few days after I got the a/c fixed on the Durango, I saw this.

I asked Gman if he put the cheap gas in my Durango.  Yep.  We always get the cheapest gas.

Not in Missouri! 

In Missouri, they mix everything with Ethanol--which is fine.  I like Ethanol blended gas.  It keeps the humidity out of the gas--kinda like adding Heet to it.  Used it for years in other states.  No problem.

In Missouri--BIG PROBLEM!  See, in other states, they begin with regular gas and add the Ethanol which adds octane to bring the regular gas from 87 to 89. 

In Missouri, they start with something lower than 87 and mix the Ethanol in to bring it UP to 87.  That is fine for flex fuel vehicles.  Not for my Durango!

So, figuring that the gas was culprit, Gman put some nice super premium in it to even things out and get things going in the right direction.

Later, I was filling it.  Now, when I fill my vehicle, I figure that when the gas nozzle quits, it is just a suggestion and go ahead and put more in.  I mean, I want everything I can get in, right?

So, nozzle clicks and I am continuing to fill.  Usually I can coax another dollar or two of gas in.  It keeps going and going and going...

I begin to realize that something is wrong and then I look down.  There is water flowing out from under the Durango.   What? 

No--that's, uh gas...gushing out...of...the...Durango!!!!!  Yikes!

I stop filling and hang the nozzle.  Run into the gas station to very apologetically let them know that I just gushed like $10 of gas all over their parking lot so it can be cleaned up.  Wouldn't want someone to flick their cigarette and WHOOSH!!!

I get down and look under the Durango.  In the meantime, a bunch of guys are giving their opinions as to what the problem could be.  Some of them were really out there!

When I felt it was safe to go, the soapy water having washed the gas away, I got in and drove off.  The engine was running fine--except for the little light on the instrument cluster.

I called Roger at Willie's Garage and he said to bring it on in, which I did.

He gave me the wonderful news.

Are you ready for this?????


Are you SURE?????

Okay, but you will NEVER BELIEVE it!!!!!!

A squirrel ATE MY GAS TANK!!!  Seriously!


Take a closer look at the hose...

And see how the critter gnawed all around the ring above the elbow?

Tank now knows a new command...

Get The Squirrel!!!!!


  1. I wonder if he got high from the gas smell? That's why he kept coming back! HA HA!

  2. You're right; I wouldn't have believed it if you hadn't included pictures!

  3. OMG, I hope that repair didn't cost you an arm and a leg!! :-0

  4. Pat--I never thought of that. Cheech and Chong squirrels! lol

    Kathy G--See? Told ya!

    OzGirl--Yep Arm, leg and the foot and hand too! Had to have a whole new gas tank. Ouch!

  5. Oh my gosh, you were serious. Maybe Pat's right, he was just trying to get high.

  6. squirrelqueen--yep I was serious. I love my squirrels, but when they go to extremes to get high, they have to go! I was feeding them all winter aong with the birds. I moved their food far away and Tank takes care of the fenced area. :)