Friday, August 26, 2011

Fractured Friday...

I have a bunch of disconnected thoughts, so I think I will just put them out there...

1)  Am I the only one that is glad to see Cathy go?  In watching Design Star, I really could not stand to watch Cathy speak.  Her eyes kept going open really wide and then going normal, then open, then normal.  It was really distracting.  And I wasn't really excited about her designs.  Goodbye Cathy!  I can't believe you lasted 6 weeks!

2)  Is it crazy to be so happy to have a TV show come back on?  Haven, Welcome!

3)  Thoughts and prayers are with our friends, family and everyone in the path (or close to it) of Hurricane Irene.  PLEASE prepare and stay SAFE!!!!!

4)  To be happy that I am finished laying the new flooring in the Mother Ship's slide out.  After some misses and revamping my plans, it is finished!  Yes I will blog the before and afters!  Boy do I miss my Jacuzzi! 

5)  Hoping to win the scarf and headband made by MammaTea (seen to the left modeling said scarf and headband) over at A Farmish Kind of Life.  You can try to win it too...head on over and check it out!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great weekend and don't forget to leave your thoughts on the picture that needs a caption for this week!  :)


  1. That is a beautiful the colors.

    Thanks for all your wonderful comments At The Farm. My method of choice is to reply personally to each comment but cannot do with with "no reply comment". I really appreciate your visits.

  2. Hey Gail! What is a "no reply comment?"

  3. I receive my comments in my email because in my settings I have checked that. When I hit reply to your email the address is "noreply" There is a way to change this in your settings but I'm not sure how except maybe choose "send comments to email" or some setting like that.

    This is just what I prefer because I can add information that I wouldn't post. Make it more one on one, so to speak. I seldom go back to my post because all my comments come in email. From that point, if we choose, we can have a personal conversation(Don't worry, I'm not a sicko) just your email doesn't show up to reply to.

    You can also delete these comments if you prefer by going into settings, comments, selecting these and then delete.

  4. 1. I agree--that Kathy bothered me, too. I didn't think she'd last. 2. Haven't seen Haven--maybe it comes on after my bedtime ;) 3. I wish we'd get some rain from that storm--thank goodness it weakened to a Cat 1. 4. Nice scarf--it's so hot lately, I can't even think about wearing a scarf.
    Hope you win it.

  5. Patti--Haven is on SyFy channel so you may not get it. It is based on Steven King's Colorado Kid book. Though I am generally not a Steven King fan, the show has captured my attention for some reason. :) I know what you mean about hot and a scarf! It sure looked like there was a lot of flooding and damage from the hurricane, but I'm glad for all my friends and family on the east coast that it wasn't much worse! :) Thanks for dropping by!