Thursday, August 4, 2011

On The Road From Oz...

My favorite expression is:  Serendipitous Adventures Are The Best!

It's always fun to travel and see friends, but it's also fun to head home again.

We hitched up Little Blue, loaded in the dogs and left Oz heading up the Scenic Flint Hills.  We were under doctor's orders to stop every hour to let Gman get out and walk around.  We didn't want a clot to form or his star clip to start to bleed, so he had to lean his seat back and not sit straight up.

We were looking for a place to pull off with space for a nice walk.  I spied a place with a large parking lot and exited the highway.

Gman was saying, where in the world are you going?  I need to get out and walk.


Then, after I crossed the highway, he saw where I was headed too.  Big parking lot with room for the Durango and camper to park easily.

We parked at Bass Pro Shop in Lenexa (I think, could have been Olathe) and got out to walk.

As I looked up at the building, what did I see?????  NASCAR!!!!! 

Have I mentioned that we love NASCAR????

Just in case you didn't know--we LOVE NASCAR!!!!

There was Jamie McMurry's Sprint Cup Car and the Austin Dillon #3 Truck.  Yeowwwww!!  I mean we are #88 Dale Jr. Fans, but who doesn't like #1 Jamie Mac?  Huh?  Really?  Our Joplin boy!!!!

We hotfooted it down and checked the car all out inside and out.

We posed and took each other's pictures with the car.
Yep that's me with the car!

We checked out the hauler.

We had a nice walk around and then started out again.

Then, I get a text message on my phone.  It is a picture with the caption "Man, you barely left and there are already squatters!"  Hmmmm... 

I spy something pink and flamingo like!  Somebody is having fun!

We arrived home and sure enough, the squatters were still there--making themselves at home!

There were also more squatters. 

A Plague!!!!

I mean, it sounded like a diesel engine--a bunch of diesel engines!  They were everywhere!  AND LOUD!!!!

They only come out every 13 years. And it was THIS YEAR! Lucky US!!!!

Look at the fence!  The skeletons were hanging all over the place!  They crunched when you walked on them or touched them.  They clung to you and hitched a ride.  Ick!

Here, take a closer look! 

Double Ick! 

Well it was nice to be home at the Mother Ship--squatters and plagues and all!


  1. Looks like a fun time! My sister love Nascar and would have been just as excited as you were! And what are those NASTY things you came home to? CRIPES. Yuck!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. MammaTea--Those are cicadas. We have them in reasonable numbers all the time. You hear them in the evening along with the crickets and such. However, every 13 years they dig out of the ground leaving holes that look like swiss cheese to mate and they are EVERYWHERE! Ick! And LOUD!!! This lasts for about 2 weeks. It's kind of like locusts when they erupt except the cicadas don't seem to eat everything in sight like the locusts.