Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wall Street Part Deux...Federal Hall...

Last week, I took you to the Stock Exchange.  Nearby is the Wall street Palisade.

Wall street was named for a defensive wall of logs known as a palisade erected in 1653 alonge the north border of New Amsterdam (later New York). So, Wall and Broad was the Northern most border of the city in 1653.

You can see here that sections of the original upright posts are still in the street surrounded by the cobblestones.

See them going right down the street?  They go right past the Trump Building--one of Trump's several buildings.

This is Federal Hall National Memorial with a statue of George Washington.  It is where on April 30, 1789 he took the oath as the first President of the United States of America.

And this relief of Washington praying before taking his oath of office.

This is looking back towards Trinity Church from Federal Hall.

Canal Street intersects Wall Street. It is called Canal because in 1696, say it with me, it was originally a CANAL!!! The info in the street reads: "The canal is now a common sewer 1,158 feet long. It extends from the river to exchange place."

This clock caught my eye. It is also a part of my Happy Pictures that pops up from time to time as my desktop background. Look at the workmanship on it! It is actually a round ball and the hands are curved as well! So neat!

Look at this arch. Be sure to see the person in the arch to get an idea of the massive size. Can you imagine the work put into this and how long it must have taken???

This is inside of the arch. Look at that light! Wow!  You may have noticed that I like and appreciate architecture.  Guess that is why I enjoyed being a realtor.  :)

All of a sudden, nestled between all of the HUGE buildings is this little guy--only about 6 stories...Even in this building, you can see the attention to detail by the craftmen of the day.

Two things really caught my eye the fire escapes and....

The Water Towers on top of the buildings.


  1. What an interesting tour. It's amazing how much one can see if one actually stops and observes. Blessings, Kim

  2. I love good historical architecture too - especially old stone buildings! Love that clock, too cool.

    I checked out the historical hotel links you sent (can't get Angel of the Sea to come up so I'll try it later) - I cannot believe that Castle is in WICHITA. Only an hour north of us. I go there at least once a month... I read the directions on how to get to the castle, and I know exactly the roads to get there, I've been on them! I had NO idea that castle was up there. Thanks for sending the links - those are some really cool places!!

  3. South Haven, on the east side of the turnpike, 1 mile from the Okie border! :-)

  4. I enjoyed the tour! That clock is really cool!

  5. Kim--thanks for going along with me! :)
    OzGirl--I sold a couple houses in South Haven--I was a realtor in KS. Retired when we took to the road in the 5th wheel...Yep, just drive up Riverside and you will find the castle. They have tours beginning in about November when they decorate for Christmas which includes a brunch I believe. For Angel of the Sea, just google it in Cape May NJ.
    Pat--Thanks! I love YOUR tours too! Those quilt blocks are SO COOL!!!!

  6. dr momi--Thanks for joining me! :)

  7. Thanks for the tour. And thanks for visiting Pretty Old Houses--glad to have you:)

  8. Patti--glad you decided to come along. I love your pretty old house this week--can't wait to see more of the house! :)