Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Conspiracy Theories...

Today I booted up my computer and signed on to blogger as usual.

I posted my morning post about Wall Street and back to school.

I looked casually at my followers and it shows 6!  I just had 7!  Where is #7????

Do they dislike me?  Do they find me tedious and unkempt?  Am I not good enough for them???

Then, I look at my dashboard and note that it still shows 7--but when I click on my followers, there are 6 showing.

Is #7 lurking?  Did blogger hiccup and #7 went to blogger heaven? 

Why does one show 6 and one 7? 

I'm so confused...

I need coffee....


  1. Ha - kind of like facebook friends -

    Have a great day!
    I've Become My Mother

  2. Thanks for the comments on my tablescape! Cool to hear that I inspired your nails!!! I know what you mean about the follower thing - it could drive you crazy!

  3. Maybe they're playing peek-a-boo with you? I have followers who disappear once in awhile. I don't keep track of each one (hang my head in shame).

  4. Pat--I don't really keep track of them, but my dashboard says 7 followers and my blog page says 6--it's confusing. :)