Saturday, August 20, 2011

Floral Baskets Everywhere...

I was walking through town while waiting for my gas tank to be replaced after the squirrels got done with it and I was just smitten with the baskets all over town.

At the present time it has been very hot, so the baskets are sporting a collection of grasses, sweet potato vines, other vines and some have some florals in them.  They are all good hot weather plants.

Here, have a look...

In the spring, the floral baskets looked like these still hanging at the Corner Park.

Located on the SE corner of the 4 way stop, the Corner Park was dedicated in 1983...

and sports a really inviting fountain...

A couple of benches under the trees invite you to sit a spell...

And the HUGE baskets of petunias bring your eye to the porch area with the white pillars, fret work and more baskets dripping with beautiful flowers it makes a pretty picture.

Why did I point out the flower baskets?  Well, they ARE pretty, but the most amazing thing about them is that they are created and cared for by a couple who VOLUNTEER their efforts to make the city pretty! 

They plant the baskets and each day they come around with a little wagon which contains a water tank and water each basket and lovingly tend to them all spring, summer and fall without compensation! 

Is that great or what????


  1. First off, I LOVE the new look here! What a perfect background for a traveler! Second, I guess I really didn't read your background. Your traveling with 3 pugs AND a 160 pound mix dog? Holy Kasabamelons! How do you have room? I hope you are tiny people!

    I love the baskets - smart idea to switch to vines in this god-awful heat! How nice that volunteers take care of everything. It's nice to know that people care about their town.

  2. Thanks! Not tiny people for sure! LOL Just love our furry kids. The sectional in the camper helps a lot! :)

    The car and camper were my mom and dad's. My dad loaded up his 3 kids, wife and MOTHER IN LAW and took off for the desert in the middle of summer 1963--with NO A/C!!!! (I was 2 1/2) Not sure if he was brave or crazy! LOL Can you imagine 6 people in that little scotty? I just love the look of the setup though.