Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shiny Cage...

It was stalking me. 

It was falling on me. 

It was time to end it!

Today I HAD to do the laundry, so I headed to town with a full Durango.  I had a BUNCH!!!! 

On the way, I saw something glinting in the sunshine along the road.

As I passed I saw a Chrome basket.  You know, the kind that comes with a little bag liner.

This one didn't have the liner--just the chrome frame.  I screeched to a driveway and drove back to the shiny basket (in a box atop some old carpet that was being discarded) and snagged the find, knowing exactly what I was gonna do with it!

Here it is now!  The perfect tomato cage! 

I LOVE a good find--especially the FREE kind!  :)


  1. You are to be commended for your cleverness!

  2. Some college kid got to school and said "dang it where did that chrome basket go!" LOL! (that's what I would have used it for too.)

  3. How funny--usually, the tomato cages are repurposed into decor :).

  4. dr mommi--LOL
    Kim--I like to do things differently. LOL

  5. That's what I needed for my tomatoes! the ground was so hard I couldn't even poke in the cage legs (is that what you call them?) so the vine is just flopping around all over the place. But it's making tomatoes.

  6. Patti--Legs sounds good to me. My poor little tomato was also flopping around and now it has a house to hold it up! :)