Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What Is This I Spy????

I made a wrong turn in town and spied something...

So I took a detour and got up closer so I could see it.

What is it, I wondered.

I thought it might be an old water plant or well, an electrical station, a really COOL tool shed, a telephone switching post?  Many things were flitting through my mind,

so I got out and took a closer look...

Inside was a panel that looked like it could be opened.  This kind of supported the well or water idea.

Then I saw the sign...

"Cupola and Foundation Stones from the 1871 Warren County Courthouse" (if you enlarge the picture you can see a line art rendering of the courthouse on the sign)

Now I understood the panel in the floor!  Cool!


  1. Must be a popular spot with the port-a-potty in the background LOL!.....sorry I couldn't resist :-)

  2. Was this moved from it's original location? Or is this what's left of the building? Whatever the answer is, it's beautiful. What a find!

  3. dr momi--LOL You know, I just didn't even notice the port-a-potty! It is a construction site. I think they are creating a park or something--maybe a parking lot.
    Pat--Yes it was moved. Warren County is east of here. It now resides in Montgomery County. The original building has been razed and this is all that is remaining. I'm glad they saved it. I kept thinking that it would be a neat guest bedroom, gazebo, garden shed--so many things!

  4. I love it. I am glad it was saved.

  5. How unusual! It would be great as the centerpiece of a garden area.

  6. Gail--Me too!


    KathyG--You are so right! I never thought of that but after you said it I can totally see that in a garden!