Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday's Things In A Row...Denny's

Hi all!  Today I am joining Pat in Thursday's Things In A Row.  This is so much fun and what fun I had getting this shot!

Gman and I were having lunch at Denny's.  We noticed that there was a long table set up for a large group and it turned out to be a group of ladies from Lakeview (that's what they told us!).  They were so cute and such good company!  What a fun group!

So, as we were leaving, I just asked if I could take their picture and put it on my blog.  "What?", they asked...

"The World Wide Web", I told them.

Oh sure!  So, here they are waving at you!  Aren't they a fun bunch????

On the way out Gman said, "Thursday's Things In A Row?"

Yep...He knows me too well.  LOL

  ;-D  Happy Thursday all!


  1. What a great bunch. Nice that they were so cooperative and let you take their picture.

  2. I would wish for a fun bunch of friend like this when I am older!

  3. I like your Denny's Ladies, Labbie. They gave you a good reception. Isn't it weird that still so many don't know what a blog is?

    Our Early Ford V8 Club met at Denny's for our January meeting. We had two shorter tables in the back room. I had a really neat breakfast for $4.00. It had two eggs, two medium sized pancakes, and a sausage and because of the waiter's mistake, two slices of bacon. I drank water so four bucks plus tax was the tab.

  4. How fun and what great sport they were! Great row shot! You have the ladies, hanging lights and the ceiling beams all in rows!

    Thanks for stopping in to visit! =)

  5. What a fun bunch of gals your Denny's Ladies look like!

    A real blogger always has her camera...I often fail at this. I don't know how many time I've said, "oops, I left the camera at home!"

    God bless ya and have a joyous day!!! :o)

  6. Ha ha! How funny! Most people are very cooperative! Great shot!

  7. How cute! I take photos everywhere I go, too! Some people try to hide! heehee! I love this one! ♥

  8. That was so nice of them to let you get a photo, they look like a fun group. Their get together and Denny's gave you lots of Things in a Row. It is amazing how many folks still don't know about blogs.

  9. That's too funny! I bet they were all shaking their heads after you left wondering what a blog was. Ha! I get asked by my MIL and mother about stuff like that. They don't understand it. I would definitely say that picture captures "things in a row" very well. You were brave to ask those women for a picture. I would've been too shy.