Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Office Revealed...

Yep folks, I am still alive!  Uncle Sam wanted some funds and forms and you know what a task master HE can be!  You don't mess around with Sam!

 You may have noticed by your blogs that I am catching up.  I am up to Friday, Jan 27, so I still have a ways to go, but what fun!  You guys have been busy!

Well, I have been busy as well.  As I started in this blog, BHG has their little organizational guide that I like to follow.  One room or area per month and in a year you are organized...or at least better.  ;-D

So, this is the before...don't judge...or do...
You'll be happy to know that I shredded and discarded 4 of those big black bags of stuff that I was totally keeping for some strange reason!  Sheesh!

So, here it is now...
Look!  You can see the top!  :-D
Of course, living in an RV, you find space where you can so this is actually the dining table.  We tend to eat sitting in the living room so what the heck, right?
I used to collect tins--this one seemed perfect for my pens and pencils...

I needed something to hold my post-it notes and letter openers so I meandered down the street to the local antique shop and came home with this...

How fun is that?  AND it won't break!

Then, I was trying to decide where to keep the bills and saw this napkin holder (which I had!) and decided it would work perfectly!  Sorry about the NASCAR holograms!  I have to enter those at, but they had the site down to revamp that area for the upcoming season.  I can put them in beginning today though!  I hope there are good prizes!  :) 
Not sure if you noticed but above the desk are very solid valance boxes (made of fabric covered wood) that make a shelf, so I am using that space as well...
I would like to put the checks in one of the wooden boxes but I am afraid I will forget where I put them!   A mind is a terrible thing to lose...don't judge...

This row of boxes were actually from candles that I purchased at Sam's Club after Christmas several years ago.  Candles smell wonderful and the boxes are perfect for cute storage of small items...

This is the before of the stand at the end of the "desk".

And now...

This is the other filing drawer before...
 And now...
I just LOVE this lamp!  I found it at a little shop that was going out of business last year and had everything something like 80% off.  Yay!  Well, not for the shop but yay for the deal!

And I found this little leather covered wooden box years ago in a little boutique in our small town in KS.  It just called to me and has been hold candles--when you open it, the aroma is divine!

I hope you liked the tour of my "office".  

February is the Kitchen--Oye!  I have been thinking about some things in there and have some plans for it that I think you are gonna enjoy...even in such a small space!

Thanks for dropping by!  Have a great day!


  1. Wow! Looks great! You should see my bedroom closet/craft supply area - oh boy!

  2. I Love before and after stories! You did a wonderful job organizing your office!


  3. You're the second post I've read today about reorganizing an office...I wonder if I should be paying attention :-)

  4. I love your storage ideas and that old wooden box is great! It's important to keep things in order when you live in a small space! I work at maintaining order all the time! ♥

  5. Great job on your reorganizing of your office!
    I love that you wandered down to your local antique dealer and immediately found what you needed, too!

    ...and that box labeled 'labeler' made me laugh. (how many times have I actually lost my labeler?!!)

  6. Hi Labbie ~~ I am amazed at the transformation of your office. I am in the midst of doing my end of the bedroom. For sure I won't blog about it! :) To much mess.

    I like the idea of one room or area a month. My 'office' will take two months, the garage three or 1/2 depending on whether I cleaned it or Mrs. Jim.

    Finally, I remember when cheese came in the wooden boxes. My cousin made toys out of them by putting wheels on and changing the box a bit, like adding a cab.

    Now I'm headed for your Thursday Row. I already previewed the Denny's Ladies, they are neat.

  7. Oh wow, that is quite the change, you really got organized. I started doing my office but got sidetracked. You have inspired me to move forward with the project. That lamp is so pretty and I love the leather covered box.

  8. I have to say that I am TOTALLY, TOTALLY impressed! I KNOW what it's like living in a small space! You did a wonderful job! My question is, all those boxes on the top of the slide outs have to come off before bringing the slides in, right?

    My husband has taken over the family room where we have a desk and he is VERY messy. I would love to overhaul everything but he gets mad when I move things. I try to do it in small steps so he doesn't notice!