Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happy Hump Day #1...

As I was sitting in church one Sunday listening to the sermon (yes, I really DO occasionally listen to the sermon LOL) the minister was speaking about Happiness.  One of the things that help us with our happiness quotient is thinking about the things in our lives that make us Happy--AKA, Counting Your Blessings...By looking for the good things in our lives, we begin to gradually SEE more good things and then we begin to FEEL more happy and then our lives begin to BE more happy...

I have to admit that at this point, I quit listening and started thinking about all of the great things that are in my life and that made me want to share those things with all of you.  My whole day was just so happy as I was thinking about those things, that I smiled and relaxed all day!  Fun!

I have a collection of photos that scroll through on my desktop that just make me smile everytime I see them.

So, with that, Happy Hump Day was born...

This will include everything from people, places and things in my life and are high on my "smile" quotient--in no particular order...

Today, I want to share with you this picture that comes up on my desktop from time to time and always makes me smile...

This is my hubby Gman and my brother Tom.  You may remember Tom from the tour of his Victorian House at Christmas.

It was not until we purchased our car, Junior, that I found out that back in the '70's my brother and I were both NASCAR fans!  He was and is a huge fan of Dodge and The King (Richard Petty) while I was a fan of Buddy Baker (remember the Gray Ghost?) who interestingly enough mostly drove GM cars.

Check out the shirts--Dale Jr #88 (though the #12 hat might be for Justin Allgaier (lil gator) in NNS or Brad Keselowski in NSC--hmmmm...which one?  We'll never tell!)  And Carl Edwards #99.  Yes folks, competitors really CAN get along!  :)

This was taken at the Dodge Dealers 250 NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Gateway International Raceway (now Gateway Motorsports Park) near St. Louis, MO at the last NASCAR race to be run there on Oct. 23, 2010.  A friend of mine was able to get us great tickets to the race and what a fun day it was!  A perfect day for a race.  A good race with Keselowski and Edwards dukeing it out right to the finish line where Keselowski came across the finish line first and lil gator coming across 3rd and Edwards finishing 5th...

And we ended the day with a stop at Longhorn Steakhouse on the way home.  YUM!!!!

It was such a fun day all around and we had a trio of fun!  A smile still crosses my face every time I see this and think about the last NASCAR race at Gateway...

So, what have you done that makes you smile????


  1. A couple of years ago we went to the NASCAR race held outside of Phoenix. I enjoyed it but boy was that ever LOUD!! Even with ear plugs! Don't know if I'd go again, but at least I can say that I've been to a race! My son was visiting us at the time, and he and I went together. My husband was not interested at all. My son is a HUGE NASCAR fan, so just seeing how much HE enjoyed it made me so happy!

    1. I remember your blog posts about that! I was SO JEALOUS!!!! If you go again, pop for the ear muffs that you can rent. They are MUCH better than ear plugs--and if you want, you can listen to the race on the radio or listen to the race crews talk to each other. :)

  2. "Happy Hump Day" has a nice ring to it :-)

    1. :) How is everything going up there? I see it is finally getting warmer and getting some days without rain!