Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who Needs A Camera? [Giveaway!]

Okay, I NEED a camera!  I went to use my Olympus Stylus 710 (that I got one year in the dinosaur age on Black Friday) the other day and Poof!  Nothing!  Battery was good but camera is dead.  Darn!

Then I saw this:

Okay.  Heck Yeah!  How cool is this?  So, all, if you enter and win, please remember ME????!!!!!  K?

Please note that this giveaway if from Canon and not from me.  You have to go to their website and click "Like" and follow the directions.

Good luck!!!!!


  1. I hope you win the camera. I have too many already. I think the number is five and that does not include the one on my cell phone. Kinda crazy- guess I need to downsize.
    And yes I am back to blogging. New blog though.

  2. Good luck. I did sign up and will remember you. Maybe Rae can share