Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Road To...Part Deux...

Just in case you missed part one, check it out here...

Back on the road after changing the tire in Ardmore, OK and missing the snow as well, we headed south once again.

 We stopped at the rest area and travel center on the Texas border.  Isn't it a lovely building???

I was checking out all of the flags flying over the building.  I could pick out the American Flag, of course and the Texas flag.  That one on the left looks like the Mexican flag.  Not sure about the two flags in the middle of the grouping.  The one with the French Fleur de lis was interesting.  I asked the guy working in the parking lot why a flag with French Fleur de lis was flying and was told he thought it had something to do with purchasing the land way back.  I am guessing he is speaking of the Louisiana Purchase?  Could make sense of course...

Anywho, I was intrigued by this monument:

With Memorial Day fast approaching during my trip, it was certainly a great opportunity to stand and read the memorial and remember all of those who have fought for this country which I love so much!  Thank you to all of the vets who have served and their families who were left behind while they gave.  My dad was a navigator in the Army/Airforce in WWII flying in the flying fortresses.  He even sat in that glass bubble under the plane as a gunner.  For someone who doesn't really even like to fly, I can surely say that he has a LOT more guts than his daughter!  Wow!  My dad rocks!

After a bit of retrospect, I walked around more of the area...
So, welcome to Texas!

On down the road we went.  I stop at half a tank of gas on my truck to check the tires for wear and to see if they are getting too hot.  I also like to make sure that I have plenty of fuel to make it to the next fuel stop.  Of course, with the pick-up pulling a 30 ft 10,000 lb camper, we get to stop quite a bit!  :)

The navigator took me to the west of Dallas by Ft. Worth and the Texas Motor Speedway!
Though I was not driving Junior, our 2004 Monte Carlo Dale Earnhardt Jr Special Edition, my heart was aflutter!  We do plan to take in a race or two while down here in Texas for sure!  

So, on south we drove and the navigator took us to Hwy 130 which is a toll road.  Now, I have been on my share of toll roads and usually you stop and get a ticket and then stop when you exit and pay.


Just kind of drove on to the highway and while there were toll areas, there was no place to toss coins or stop to pay the toll.  Signs said TXTag or pay by mail left lanes.  I finally just decided to continue on and let the police stop me since I saw no place to pay them.  I am waiting to see if I get a ticket or something in the mail.  How interesting.

On the other hand, the speed limit is 80-85 mph on the toll road.  Of course, pulling the camper I could not drive that fast, but wow!  We have taken that road several times since and our car, Junior, LOVES that road!  He gets to stretch his cylinders and run a bit.  ;-)

I am driving along and a guy passing points at my camper so I pull over and yep!  ANOTHER flat tire!  Good grief!

I am literally in the middle of nowhere.

I call AAA and tell them that no I do not have a spare tire--that was used in Oklahoma!

They offer to tow the camper.  Well, if you could drive the blankety blank camper with the flat, I would DRIVE it to a place!  Doh!!!!!

They did, however, give me the names of a couple of places that will bring a tire and replace it on the roadside.  I called and the guy was a ways away and would be about an hour or hour and a half.  Okay.

That taken care of, I got the dogs out of the truck so that they could stretch and do their duty and get a drink and then we piled back into the truck.  Mommy had to use the ladies room as well but as I said, I was in the middle of nowhere.  This is the time, folks, when I am very happy to have my house behind me!  :-)

That finished, I kept the a/c on in the truck, the temps being about 90 degrees and sunny.  It was so crazy thinking that just yesterday I was worried about snow and today, it is summer!  I was able to show off my pedicure though!  Finally!  :)

I got to read the rest of my book on kindle while waiting.  I was reading John Grisham's book, The Racketeer. It was very good!  And, it certainly made the time fly!  I can really recommend this book!

I started The Hunger Games and can I just say, it is really good!  I am still reading it--since I don't just sit and read very much at this time of the year because I spend a lot of time outside, but I really do like it!  If you get the chance, you might have a look at it...

The guy got there with my tire, took the bad tire off and mounted the new one on the rim, put it on the camper and lightened my wallet a LOT and I was on the way again.  As it turned out, I was only 45 minutes away from our campground...

My poor hubby was so excited to have us arrive that he gave up the hotel room in which he had been staying for a few weeks until we could arrive.  He beat us to the campground and a good thing he was first because I did not make it until after the office closed.  Thankfully, he had paid and taken care of our registration and was waiting outside of the security gate for me.

I pulled in to our lot and miracles DO happen, folks!  The lot was completely level!  I didn't have to do ANYTHING!!!!!  If you are a camper, you KNOW how rare that is!  Wow!!!!!

We got our 4 happy dogs out for a little walk and stretch, I unhooked the camper from the truck and hooked up the electric and water and the dogs got to eat.  Boy were they happy!

Gman and I went to town and took a little tour and decided on chinese food for supper--buffet--quick, easy, yum and back to the camper so Mama could collapse.  It had been a long couple of days on top of a long couple of weeks but I was HERE and the whole family was once again together!!!!!  In Texas...

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