Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Yesterday was payday!  Yay!  We always like payday.  We head to the larger towns around to shop and eat out.  Yay!

Yesterday, we tried Culver's.  I have never been to one but recently heard about them and their famous "butterburgers".  Gman asked, "What's a butterburger?"  Don't know--let's try them!

So, in we went--Gman somewhat reluctantly and me full steam ahead (normal for us!--me being the crazy one and all!)

They were tasty and Gman LOVED the fries!  We decided it was very much like Braum's which we really enjoyed but haven't been to in a while--and haven't seen in this area.  A fine start.

At Sam's Club I think I actually squealed when I was looking for something else and came across some Organic Quinoa!  (pronounced keenwa)   At least Gman looked at me like he was trying to decide if he should rush me to the psych ward or just put me in a straight jacket so I must have squealed!  hehe!

I have been eating Quinoa for a while now.  Several people have asked what in the world it is and several have told me that they tried it and really didn't care for it.

Well, first, it is a seed not a grain and it is packed with nutrition from amino acids to high protein!  Though I am not a granola cruncher, I have to eat 60-90 grams of protein per day so I am always trying to find ways to add protein and Quinoa is really good for that.  It is also naturally gluten free--for those of you who are watching that.

You use Quinoa like rice.  It is a bit nutty in flavor--more like Basmati Rice (which I LOVE).  It cooks quickly--at least quicker than rice--and I like to make a pot and then dish it out with some cinnamon, sugar (told you I wasn't a granola cruncher!) or honey (!) and some coconut milk (or regular milk).  Yum!  That is my fav way to eat white rice as well!  Could make rice pudding with this or use it in a pilaf or any way that you would normally use rice--soups, stuffed peppers, you name it!

Some people have said that they tried it and didn't like it because it was very bitter.  Yes.  You have to rinse Quinoa until the water runs clear to remove the coating on the seed or it will taste bitter.  A plus on the Quinoa from Sam's, it is pre-rinsed and ready to use!  Yay!  AND it was 2 lb for just over $4!  Yay!  I was getting it at the amish store for just under 2 lb at $7.75.  Find it by the rice.

So, with another little stash of Quinoa, I headed for the ZipFizz.  Unfortunately, they only had grape or orange.  I was looking for Pink Lemonade and the Berry Flavor.  This is like Gatorade.  One of these tubes is the same as 3-32 oz gatorades with only 30 calories for the whole tube!!!!!  I have had this late in the evening and not had trouble sleeping.  In this weather (100 degrees daily for what seems like a year, but has only been a couple of months so far (!) and more coming!!!!) I really need to replace electrolytes but the Gatorade just has so much sugar and is kind of expensive too!  This replaces the electrolytes and carries in my purse much more easily than 3-32 oz bottles of Gatorade would for sure!  And at just under $1 per tube is much more economical than Gatorade.

So, I got some grape and this morning ordered the Pink Lemonade and the Berry from Samsclub.com.  They will arrive in 3-5 days.

When I got home, I ran down to some friends house to deliver something that I picked up for them at Sam's.  They had my local honey.  Yum!  Nothing like honey from the hive!   Rich and dark (although it looks darker in this picture than in real life).

So, all in all, a good day!

Just to let you know--I didn't get paid or reimbursed for the above--these are just a few things that I really like and was excited to find!

It's been a while--I know.  This heat has really gotten to me.  Of course, since I have been Miss No Energy I also haven't been cooking to eat right which has probably compounded it.  So TIRED of this heat!!!!!!  So THANKFUL for a/c!!!!!!!

Since I only lost 5 lbs in the last 5 weeks (should have been more like 10!!!!!) I know I need to get back on the protein and off of the ice cream!  LOL

So, less ice cream and more quinoa pudding!   Yum!!!!!  And I am going to be using the honey for a new recipe which I will share with you if it turns out well...

Until later....

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What's In YOUR Wallet--Or Why I Carry A Purse...

Joining Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways Wednesday Blog Hop

Today I am going to share something with you that I don't normally share with people.  It is time to clean out the  luggage purse and replace anything out of date or used.


Well, some will think I'm crazy.  Some will think I'm smart.  Some will just not think anything at all, I suppose.  Some don't like to think of things like emergencies--it isn't comfortable.

But, I am coming out of the purse today...

I carry this in my suitcase purse...

What is this?  

This is a 24+ hour Emergency Kit that I put together.


Let's harken back to snowmageddon in the winter of 2010.  For the first time in history I-70 was totally closed all the way across Missouri.  That is from KC to St. Louis.  And actually beyond to IL and KS on either side.  The snow was deep and the road crews couldn't keep up with it.  People had to stay put where ever they were at the time--be it at work or home or at the nearest hotel (if available) or shelter--even their cars.  Even the news crews were stuck at work!  The film they put together in this area (to the music of Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice) was too funny!  They were all camped out at the station using baby wipes for bathing and wishing for sleeping bags--and a change of clothes.  What about Hurricanes and fires of recent years that displace people?

Things happen--in the winter--in the summer--in spring and fall storm seasons--that leave us unable to get home for one reason or another and if that happens, it's good to have some sort of gear and a plan to help us survive whether it is earthquakes, tornadoes, ice and snow storms, floods, fires on the plains and prairies, mountains or valleys, nuclear plants--you name it.

In that vein, this is my 24 hour kit--meant to get me through 24 hours at a minimum so that I can get to my car or home which will yield more supplies.

Let's look shall we?

*First, you see the stainless steel water bottle.  Non reactive and dark (important later).
*Attached is a carabiner.  These little guys are good for everything from holding things together to tying lighting up so you have your hands free.  1,001 uses.
*Attached to the carabiner is a small but powerful LED flashlight.  This little guy has a really bright light for a little thing.  I keep the batteries backwards so that it doesn't wear them down over time.
*Swiss Army Knife.  Contains screw drivers (phillips and flat), cork screw, scissors, can opener, nail file, tweezers and of course a knife blade.
*Whistle with magnifying glass, compass and thermometer.  Used to get attention, find your direction and well, know how warm or cold it really is and be able to make things larger if need be--like splinters.
Inside:  (are you ready????)

*3 coffee filters wrapped around a 
*pair of latex gloves with a 
*rubber band.  Coffee filters will allow you to filter water with sediment into the bottle.  Just put the filter on the neck of the bottle, use the rubber band to secure and poor water through the filter into the bottle to remove sediment.  3 filters--3 bottles of water.  Rubber bands are always helpful for other things as well.  Latex gloves for use on wounds or when touching or handling bio hazards or dirty items.  The coffee filters around them insure that the gloves will not get holes in them from being bumped around with all of the other stuff in the bottle.
*Insect repellent--with Deet--keeps mosquitos away and repels other insects while sleeping--ticks, chiggers, fleas---
*Iodine tabs or other tabs to make water potable.  Write directions on the outside of the packet so you know what to do.  These require that you put the tab into the water an leave in a dark place for 4 hours to sterilize.  Now you know the reason for the solid bottle.  Keeps it dark even in broad daylight so disinfectant can work.
*Panti Liners--These are great to use as a large bandage if needed for a larger cut or abrasion (hold with duct tape), use on pantie area when clean panties are not available, etc.
*Band aides--you know what to use these for.  Also great for areas where shoes are rubbing.
*Couple of tubes of sterile Liquid Skin.  Can be used to pull cuts together or as super glue.
*Neo To Go--Antiseptic spray and this has a topical pain reliever in it as well.
*Small medicine vial holds OTC meds--Tylenol (pain relief does not thin blood), ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory), anti-gas and antidiarrheal, tums-  
*Small medicine container holds 3 days of prescription meds plus antihistamine and decongestant.  Many prescriptions need to be taken everyday--or dire side effects will become evident quickly!  So, have extras!
*Needle case with sewing needles.  Used to remove splinters or make repairs to garments or even sew a wound.
*Sewing kit with buttons, safety pins, needle threader, thread.  Can be used to mend clothing, hold straps together and even suture cuts.
*True Lemon and True Lime.  These help with the taste of the water after sterilization (which can be rather unpalatable) 

*Alcohol Prep Pads--clean and disinfect wounds, use if injections (like insulin) are needed, etc.  Make great fire starters in a pinch too.
*Moist wipes--clean your hands, spit bath, clean cuts and scrapes--you name it, it will clean it.  I use these all the time and have to keep replacing them!  If needed, they can be reused for washing face and neck and staying cool by rinsing with water.

*String.  Use for all kinds of things from tying lighting up to making a makeshift shelter.
*Eyeglass repair kit--includes a tiny phillips and flat screwdriver and little screws to put glasses back together.

*3 feet Duct tape marked in 6 inch increments wrapped around a
*paper clip.  Do I really have to explain the multitude of uses for duct tape in an emergency or daily basis?????  The paper clip has uses as a light weight hook and I have heard of people using those as a fish hook too.  Paper clips just come in handy.

*Nail clipper--aside from clipping your nails this is useful to clip thread, string, even small leaves and branches.
*Nail File--nails, but also works as sand paper on rough edges.
*Glow Sticks--give light for 8-10 hours so you don't have to use up batteries.  Can also be used to signal.
*Money in small bills and change.  If power is out, cash registers, etc don't work, so having correct change will really be helpful or if you need to use a vending machine (when power isn't out)
*Cigarette lighter--start a fire, seal ends of strings, even heat things up if needed or sterilize things like needles.


*Dental Floss.  Good for flossing, use as string, can even use to stitch things together if needed.
*Tooth brushes with picks--includes toothpaste preloaded.  Need to keep teeth clean, and can also use to scrub small areas if needed.


*Protein Bar--keep that protein up and calories to keep you going.


Yes!  All of this fits into that one container in my purse!  It is one stop shopping for a 24 hour stay.

Now, what else might there be if I have my purse?  

*Hand sanitizer with another carabiner.  This also works as a fire starter if needed.
*Mugger Slugger--Pepper spray
*Saline Spray--Use to cleanse wounds or keep sinuses from drying out and giving you a headache.
*Tape Measure--Use this ALL THE TIME!!!!  For everything from measuring furniture to getting the trailers straight.  Measure items that I need to purchase that have to fit into a defined space--you know--like a refrigerator (but that's for another post!)


*Cheater eyeglasses (good even if you don't need glasses all of the time just in case you need something to magnify)
*Small LED Flashlight that fits into the eyeglass case


*Sharpie, pen, paper--can write notes for others with directions etc.
*Old credit card (in my case my old AAA card) wrapped with more duct tape.  Also makes a great scraper if needed.
*Pocket tissues--double as TP
*Hand Warmers--These can be useful as toe warmers, hand warmers, put in your hat to keep heat from escaping through your head, put under covers or emergency blanket to help warm up.  BE AWARE!  These act as oxygen absorbers--like the stuff you put into foot buckets to keep food fresh and air tight--so don't use in an air tight space!!!!!  Be sure there is adequate air supply!
*Emergency Blanket in a freezer ziploc bag.  Bag can hold clean water while more water is being sanitized--can also be used to hold hazardous or dirty items.  Emergency Blanket can help with heat loss and shock.  Can also be used to create a shelter by using duct tape on the 4 corners, make a small hole in the duct tape, tie to a tree for shade or shelter from rain.  Can also be used as a rain catcher to run into a ziploc bag or your water bottle for drinking.  Also, a ground cover.

*Rain Pancho in freezer ziploc--Keep dry--stay well...also good to wrap around supplies to keep them dry and safe


*5 Hour Energy--Yes--I am addicted to caffeine!  Good coffee replacement and added benefit of B vitamins. folic acid and niacin--AND energy!  If you need to stay away and alert--you need something to keep you awake!  At the very least, it will keep those caffeine headaches away...
*Zip Fizz--Replaces electrolytes and potassium.  Each tube is like 3-32 oz gatorades.  Add to water and drink.


*Couple more Protein Bars
*Peanut butter or cheese crackers
*Gum--I chose peppermint because peppermint helps with sour stomach as well.
*Nuts--great nutrition and fat
*Small chocolates (will they melt--uh yep--will I care if I am stranded--uh NOPE!)
(Note here that I have used these items a lot when I missed a meal because I was in a hurry or just needed a snack to "keep me going".)
Not seen here is my current Sunday School book which gives me something to read and study.  I used to carry a book as well, but have recently started using my phone with a Kindle App which syncs with my Kindle so I can read as long as my phone battery has power.


This is just the first in my emergency supplies with each grouping of supplies meant to enhance and lengthen the time usage of the other.  (They work together and stack to go longer and longer)  

In other words, I have 24 hours or so in my purse, then I have a car kit which will give me another 3 days or so (4 days total now) and then I have your 72 hour kits (now I have a week) and then I have supplies at home--see how things add up?

Traveling in an RV, I am probably more aware of possible emergency situations than I was when living in our stick built home, though I was always prepared for emergencies there as well since we have always lived where there are natural disasters (earthquakes, tornadoes, ice and snow storms, floods, fires on the plains and prairies, mountains and valleys, nuclear plants nearby--you name it) so I wanted to be able to have preparations just in case--at home or away.  

For me, "Be Prepared" is not frightening to think about, but feeling more calm and confident of the ability for myself and family to survive during emergencies.

So, do you have a personal 24 hour emergency supply with you?  What do you carry?  What are you going to add?

Hope you enjoyed my post.  For more great posts on Sustainable, homemade, emergency preparedness, etc, hop on over to Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways Wednesday Blog Hop. (but leave a comment here first!  So happy you came to visit!)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Thursday's Things In A Row...I'd Rather Have a Bottle In Front Of Me...

Joining Pat at A View From The Edge for Thursday's Things In a Row.

This made me think of the words to the older song--"I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotamy."  Do you remember that one?  I don't even know who did it or the rest of the song, but those words stuck with me.

I keep running into people who are using wine bottles in their gardens for everything from lining paths to just decoration.

This first one is decorations in a small garden area.

These next bottles are in a garden and were painted by the owner first rather than left natural.

They both add a lot of interest to gardens.

I also found a great idea on Pinterest for using wine bottles.  You can use bottles in your plants as waterers rather than purchasing those little glass ones at the store--and they hold a lot more water than the purchased ones.  I would think any old bottle would do.  Can you see a Coke Bottle here?

I happened to have this red bottle and put it in my tomato plant.

 The blue bottle went into my little flower planters with red petunias and white geraniums.
Just fill the bottles with water when you are watering during the day and turn it upside down in the pot where it will allow the water to drain as the soil dries.  It really does work great!

Thanks for dropping in!  For more great things in a row, visit Pat's blog...go on!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday's Things In A Row...Numbers

Joining Pat over at A View From The Edge in Thursday's Things In A Row...

Last week we were sitting in the 5th wheel when my eyes began to sting and my nose was watering.  I noticed then that I could smell ammonia--strongly.  I looked at Gman and asked if he smelled it.  It hit him just as I asked and right after that our propane detector started screeching.

We immediately evacuated and I shut off the a/c, opened the windows, turned on all of the fans to vent the camper and grabbed the camper manual.

Nothing.  Nada.  No help...

So, I tippy toed into the camper, through the nasty smell and grabbed my computer.

After googling "ammonia smell in the camper", I found out it was the fridge.

Yep.  I opened the fridge and by golly, it was warmish and the freezer wasn't a freezer anymore.

So, after getting estimates for the replacement of the fridge, during which we found out that a 12 cu foot fridge in a camper is roughly the cost of a sub zero monster house fridge, we decided to go the household fridge route and headed out to shop.

What does this have to do with things in a row?  Well, take a gander at the numbers that the car was showing us as we headed out to shop...
Actually, when I started to take the picture, it was 111 which was a perfect set of things in a row.  So, I just had to show you this...

This was day 9 of 11 days of over 100 degrees in a row!  That was a record set back in the 1930's.

Hear me whimper folks!

Last year, this area had 3 days of triple digits for the WHOLE SUMMER!!!!  The summer before, was ZERO!!!

We are now enjoying the balmy mid to high 90's and going for another record--30 days of over 90 degrees in a row...

The ground is cracked and dry, the crops failing and the people with cattle and swine will be selling off at losses, with many in danger of going out of business and losing family farms.

Please pray for rain and relief for the midwest.  If not for these fine folks, then for your pocketbooks as the prices for everything from produce to meat and fuel will be going up dramatically.

The a/c units are still working well...knocking on wood!!!!!

How is the weather where you are?  Anyone having a nice summer????

For more Things In a Row (and more fun things in a row!!!!) go over to Pat's and enjoy--hopefully with a cold drink while in front of a fan sitting over an a/c vent!   :)  Stay cool!