Friday, September 30, 2011

So THIS Is Why People Take Vacation...Part 1...

Gman and I haven't really taken vacations. We went to Branson on our honeymoon in 1980 and then life was ON!

In 1980, Branson was the Presley's, Baldnobbers and Silver Dollar City was at the end of the road and quite quaint. I also don't remember Marvel Cave being inside of SDC like it is now. We had a good time in 1980--I mean, who doesn't have a great time on their honeymoon?

After that, life happened. Over the last 31 years we have lived in about 33 houses, owned about 11 houses and lived in 5 or 6 states. No, we are not military. Gman has "happy feet"--meaning that he likes change. A LOT!

The longest period of time that we ever lived in a house up to 1996 was 3 years. We usually lived in a house from 3 months (yes--we actually OWNED a house for 3 months one time!!!!) to 1 year, so "vacations" were either moving or visiting relatives. In 1996, our son was in high school so we chose a location and bought a home to live in until our son graduated from high school. We had that house for 9 1/2 years! A first for us! :)

After our son graduated, we moved into a house that we inherited and then later bought another house. After those moves, we had a moment of insanity decided to sell our main house, keep the smaller house that was paid and take to the road in a 5th wheel. You can read about that here. I mean, we have done dumber things and it isn't irreversible! So far, we LOVE it!

You know, I remember times when our son was in High School and playing sports that I wondered why we even had a house because we were running so much we never saw the house! We should just live in an RV, I thought at the time. Hah!

I digress...

Gman won the use of a condo in Branson for 4 days and 3 nights at a charity golf tournament for High Hill Christian Camp last year. We were planning to go back to Branson ever since our honeymoon but it just kept getting put on the back burner. NOW was the time!  (BTW, that tournament is happening this Saturday again--I told the owner I hope we get the condo again!!!!  LOL)

On the way down we stopped at this rest area.  I have never seen such a CUTE rest area!  Let's take a look...

It had a windspire that provided the electricity.

The picnic tables were behind facades of buildings that were seen along route 66 back in the this one that looks like one of the little old gas stations.

This sign directs you into the building...I see McDonald's, but also Howard Johnson's--do you remember Howard Johnson's?

Inside was a map of route 66 going from Chicago to San Diego set into the floor and then you see this sign.

They had the old gas pump from Texaco

and here is Gman by the Mobil pump.  His dad worked at Mobil Refinery from 1930 to his retirement in 1970, so it was special to us.

We arrived at the Eagles Nest Resort Condos at Indian Point and found that the people staying in the condo before us were not out. The owner very kindly called a friend who has a condo as well and we spent the first night in the other condo. It was really nice and on the top floor so we had vaulted ceilings
and a lovely view from the deck of Tablerock Lake. 
There were two bedrooms and two full baths along with the great room and kitchen.

We headed off to dinner and then to see Jim Stafford. You remember him..."I don't like spiders and snakes and that ain't what it takes to love me"...

We saw a place called The Plantation which advertised Homemade Mashed Potatoes.  This caught Gman's eye and we headed in.  Yep.  The waitress said that the mashed potatoes were homemade...right from the BOX!!!!  OOOOOOOOkay...The food was okay, the owner was surly, didn't look at you and griped about his customers as he cleared the tables.  From the conversation he was having with a waitress, it sounded like this was the first year he owned it.  Wow!  This made an impression...not good...but an impression...

On to Jim Stafford just a few doors away...There were lots of pictures of Jim Stafford through the years in the lobby. 
Gman liked this one of Jim and Sugar Ray Leonard...

I liked this one of Jim and John Davidson.  John Davidson was such a HUNK!!!!!  Uh Huh!!!!  (PS--don't let your hubby take pictures of you cause he won't tell you to cover up your bra strap!!!!  Yikes!!!! But did you see John Davidson???)

We sat next to a couple and began talking to them. It turned out that the man used to be a bodyguard for Hughe Heffner and after marrying, he started a security firm. Later, his wife got her security and PI training and they started a second security business that she ran. His and Hers security firms! Interesting! And what a fun couple!

They just sold both firms and retired and were really enjoying the fact that they didn't have to get back to work. They have another trip planned this winter to Yellowstone where they can go into Yellowstone by Artic Cat or Snowmobile because Yellowstone is closed to the general public at the time they are going, but you can go on a private tour. They were really excited! I would choose Artic Cat--Warmer!!!!

Jim Stafford calls himself "The original spiderman" now and has a blacklight section to his show that uses that song with actors with puppets doing the spiders and snakes. They asked that no photography be used during this section because the actors are in total black and the flashes blind them on stage for a bit until their eyes readjust so no pix, but so CUTE!!!! He also has a 3-D section of the show and overall, it is just a great time!

Did you know he did songs for Disney's The Fox and Hound?

His 14 year old daughter and 18 year old son both played for us.  WOW!  Are they TALENTED!!!!  AMAZING!!!!

During the intermission, Gman went up to speak one on one with Jim Stafford.  I didn't know where he was going or I would have followed...

I turned around and spied this...

Let me show you a closer view...Is that CUTE or WHAT????

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday's Things In A Row...Branson

Today's Things In A Row are from our vacation in Branson.  We just got back on Tuesday and had a GREAT time! 

This is the bakery at Silver Dollar City.  Look at those Eclairs--I missed those because they were gone when we came back, but I did get a cupcake!  Wow!  Yummy!  :)

A Bridge at Silver Dollar City--The peaks, the lights and the floorboards...

We stopped for an ice cream float and saw the Christmas lights which were up at this shop...
They were also up outside of the Opera...
On to our cruise on the Showboat Branson Belle...
This is a chain and propeller on the walk...

People sitting in the chairs on the dock (Gman is in the middle)...

These were the chairs...

What an interesting take on adirondak chairs huh?

Even the Paddle Wheels on the boat gave us some things in a row...

Weather was perfect--Condo was perfect--So Relaxing!!!! I'm ready to go back! :)

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday's Things In A Row...Thing 1, Thing 2 & Thing 3


Today's things in a row are my brothers and Gman who were golfing in a tournament, along with our son (not pictured) to raise funds for Ninos de Mexico--children's orphanages in Mexico.  Each of us sponsored a hole and as it turned out, the holes were close together, so the guys stood by their sponsor signs and Gman Jr took a picture.  They did put the signs back on the correct holes when finished.  :)
From the left:
Thing 1, My brother Tom
Thing 2, My brother Terry
Thing 3, Gman (AKA hubby)
Behind the camera, Gman Jr (AKA my son)

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mother of Invention Monday...Bag Corral...

Mother of Invention Monday is a collection of things that I have found being used for purposes other than their intended purposes.  Some are cute, some are great recycling ideas, some are downright bizarre and some are all of the decide...

This past spring the Kampground here had a yard sale.  Everyone was encouraged to bring their dreck and the surrounding populace was encouraged to come and cart something away.

Well, the day was drizzly and cold and as it turned out was also graduation weekend so it wasn't as successful as everyone hoped.

However, I found this...

I just could NOT leave it.  I HAD to have it!  It CALLED to me!

I had one of those stainless bag holders which had so many bags in it that it kept popping off the side of the cabinet and a plastic piece had also broken off and fled to parts unknown. 

Plastic bags are a MUST when living in a 5th wheel with D-O-G-S!  I carry them wherever I go to "do my duty after my dogs do theirs".  :)

Recently while doing some remodeling in the Mother Ship (to be shown later), I came across it again and this is what happened...

I hung it on the side of the cabinet and lined it with a red and white dish towel loaded with farm animals woven through the end.  I left the ends to flap over like Pug's ears...

Now I have a great holder for not only my plastic bags, but my paper sacks as well!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Just a little peek into my recent activities...

Yep--that is the living room under all that STUFF...

More later...

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fractured Friday...Psyched...

Just a bunch of thoughts that don't go together...

1)  I am Psyched because Gman Jr is headed this direction next Friday! 

It is his birthday and then he, Gman, his uncles and at least 1 cousin are golfing in a charity tournament on Saturday together.  The tournament helps Nino de Mexico--a group of orphanages in Mexico. 

I so look forward to seeing my little boy!  :)  He's a good man of whom I am proud!

2)  I am Psyched because Psych is going to be starting soon.  I love that show!  :)

3)  I am Psyched because I WON the scarf and headband lovingly made by MamaTea!!!!  (and modeled in this picture by the infamous MamaTea!!!) It will keep me toasty this winter--which I HOPE is a LONG way away!

4)  I am Psyched because of this forecast!  If we make it through the hundreds today and nearly so tomorrow we are getting some rain (which we need) and look at the temps!!!!!  Yay!!!!

Everyone have a great day!  What has you Psyched????

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday's Things In A Row...Happy Birthday Gman...

Thursday's Things In A Row was started by Pat and it was so fun to see what she came up with, I took the invitation and joined her.  Before long, I started to see rows in places that I had never paid attention to previously! 

Today's things in a row are from the places Gman and I went to eat for his birthday.

These chairs beckon on the porch of Marlene's Restaurant.  You can go in to eat from a menu or just get some ice cream and enjoy some time lounging on the porch.  Gman says they have the BEST burgers in the area!  I always enjoy Marlene's and there is even a museum!

Notice the Thermometer.  And this is in the shade!

When we came back out, it was 100 humid degrees!  In the shade...

That evening Gman chose Mexican.  This is Ruiz Castillo.  Look at the arches, lights and just in case you can also check out the stripes on the side of Jr.  :)

Gman enjoyed his fare.  I thought that the spices used were not to my liking.  It seemed rather bland to me and I could have sworn I tasted basil in the beans along with some cilantro and chili powder.  It was a rather strange combo.  Perhaps I should have asked for some habanero sauce or something.  I tend to gravitate to the more spicy fare of the Southwest Mexican food we enjoyed when we lived in New Mexico.  We did have good service.

While there, a couple of men came in with a folder--apparently they were doing business of some sort.  The first man ordered his meal and asked that they leave off the pico.  Man 2 asked what pico was.  Man 1--well it is kind of like this salsa here but bigger pieces and onion right? (to the waitress who I am not sure was totally fluent in English and when he asked again, she said, oh sure, right).  Man 2--I'll have the fried chicken.  Just cracked me up.

When we were seated I couldn't resist this shot of the chairs and silverware lined up just perfectly. 

Then, a young man was seated there with his family.  Suddenly he bumped his grandpa and said, "Wow!  That is exactly identical to my other one, but different!"   LOL

Gman enjoyed his lunch and dinner and his birthday. 

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