Monday, December 9, 2013

O Christmas Tree 2013...

Hey everyone!  I put up the Christmas decorations last week and wanted to share the 2013 goodies with you!

Each year we purchase an ornament that celebrates the current year in some way.

You can read about previous years here.

This year we chose...

Drumroll please.....
I found this at Ricochet Rounds where it was for sale as a necklace but at 3 inches high it just seemed like the perfect size for our Christmas tree.  It has bullet primers and swarovski crystals that bling it out.  I can't get a really good shot of it because the glitter of the crystals in the light just don't come through, but let me just say--it is BLING!!!!  Courtney even included a red ribbon when I told her that we would be using it as an ornament.  How nice was that????

Last year we didn't get the tree up because my mom had a stroke and we were busy but we did get the ornament.  And here is the ornament for 2012:

We purchased our Dodge Ram pickup with a Hemi engine in 2012 to pull our larger "small" camper (Rocky) which you can see here--in case you missed him...

We also have a small RV Park at the base of our tree.  This year we found the cutest old fashioned canned ham camper pulled by a vintage woody and I just had to have it!  We found it at the USI RV Park in Wichita where we were staying while visiting our son.  It joins our little Missouri Airstream.

Now for a little tour of our decor this year:

It was hard to get a good shot of the whole slide but this year I used my Silhouette to cut out Merry Christmas and use Elmer's reposition glue stick to adhere it to the wall.  It's fun and easy to peel off after Christmas and is flat!  Easy to put away!  Very important in a 5th wheel where space is at a premium!

Now for the Tree:
You may have noticed that this year we have TWO trees...

Check out the little one that is on top of the window box:
I found it in Bastrop at the Veterans celebration where there were many booths with crafts and this little guy just spoke to me.  Can you tell what it is made of?

It is a bedspring on an outside faucet handle!  Is that too cute or what?????

So, I hope you enjoyed the indoor decorations.  Later this week I will be showing you some of the lights around the park.  Decorating your camper and space are okay and indeed encouraged and there are some GREAT sites!  I decorated, but mine are pretty basic compared to some of the campers!  It is just great to go around and enjoy the lights.  I LOVE driving through the park to just enjoy the lights!  :)

So, I hope you and yours are having a lovely holiday season and I will leave you with this little saying that I saw recently:
X belongs in TeXas and Christ belongs in Christmas.

Merry Chirstmas!